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WNZ Open Season: From TNA to WWE

Xavier Woods
As I am sure everyone has seen by now, James Storm, recently in TNA, made his NXT debut not long ago. With him joining NXT, and by extension, WWE, he becomes the 2nd major TNA alumni to join the brand this year. When you add in the major return of The Dudleys from TNA to WWE, as well as other talent in WWE who served time in Nashville (looking at Xavier Woods, for one), we are starting to see a bit of an influx of talent from Nashville.  At one time, perhaps around AJ Styles’ contractual issues, I recall a prominent WWE source saying that someone like Styles wasn’t in the plans, and that the company believed in the NXT pipeline-and seeing which Superstars NXT has developed into main roster mainstays, that position is hard to argue.

But the facts remain: TNA, for all it’s failings, does have some exceptional talents on it’s roster. And clearly, WWE hiring philosophies have changed.

So, (borrowing the idea from one of our readers) if you had the ability to sign a couple TNA talents to the main roster, who would you like to see come aboard?

For me, I have three. I would love to see Matt and Jeff Hardy return, now more than ever because of The Dudleys return. Having those two teams face off again? Would be Christmas for fans of tag team wrestling. And the third isn’t so much a want, as one that would make sense-I figure Abyss could find himself a home, either alongside Reigns against The Wyatt Family, or as a member of The Wyatts. It could go either way.

So, WNZ readers. You can pick 3 from TNA. Who would you be signing up for WWE (or NXT)?

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  • Michael King

    Abyss coming to wwe doesn’t make sense to me

    • http://www.ManySheepLessWolves.net/ Hawkins…livE fO ecaF weN ehT

      lol Kane’s Stalker gimmick as in we wants to be Kane so bad he will do anything to be him he even steals his mask and all that

    • PlanoStu

      Actually, consider this. All the talk about Kane hanging up the boots soon, why not have Abyss come to team with Kane, perhaps as the one to put down the big guy on the Wyatts. Eventually, turn him on Kane, setting up his farewell match, in HIAC next year.

      He’s kinda like Mick Foley, but bigger.

      • Michael King

        Naw Abyss doesn’t look like he would go to WWE

  • Michael King

    And I hope AJ Styles doesn’t come either

    • http://www.ManySheepLessWolves.net/ Hawkins…livE fO ecaF weN ehT

      Why not? I would love to see the Bullet Club in WWE

  • http://www.ManySheepLessWolves.net/ Hawkins…livE fO ecaF weN ehT

    Double A, Rooooode, and Kurt Angle (runner ups for me Kenny King, Jeff Hardy, and Manik plus the wolves)

  • Dean Rogers

    Honestly there’s too much awesome Talent in the TNA Roster/Recent Roster that could make the WWE so much greater, Magnus, James Storm, Gunnar, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, Bram, Drew Galloway (not dumped in a shite gimmick this time) just take yer pick of any 3 tbh

  • Starman

    Jeff Hardy to feud with the underutilized talents, Austin Aries for the word title & Bram for the hardcore style matches.

  • Mike

    If I could choose some Tna talents to go to wwe, it wouldn’t be the Hardys as much as I think that would be cool. My top pick would be Bobby roode. I think he is a lot like hhh. An all round technician and very serebral wrestler. I would also love to see ec3 as I feel he a terrific heel, who Ian superb on the mic and good in ring. Also austin Aries, he is back in tna now and if wwe want an answer to losing punk it is right there. Also in around a year I think drew Galloway would be a great addition.

  • Trey Doss

    i would pick jeff angle as a trainer and the wolves

  • YoMommasMan

    Austin Aries, Bobby Rhoode, and bring back Karma to fill out the divas division maybe even Gail Kim I think her and Charlotte would be epic also bring in Taz for Saxton on commentary also bring in the Wolves and get rid of @$$cension, Jack Swagger, and Brom Stroman oh and the Bellas

    • Damian Starr

      Taz hasn’t worked for tna in quite some time…

  • Fat Owens Fat

    Sonjay Dutt can go to NXT and train those two Indian recruits for a possible Indian tag team stable later on since they lack an Indian talent for their promotional tours right now. But Sonjay is no longer in TNA so there’s that. I only want Angle to have his last run with the WWE. Even in his WWE days he had plenty of funny jokes into his promos that wasn’t edgy but could work in today’s PG era too, provided he gets the liberty to say things on the mic which is unlikely since even the Rock had to rely on notes from the writers.
    I wouldn’t sign the Hardy boys because well Matt is nowhere near his caliber of the past and Jeff is volatile and he could be in another drug case on the road.
    Karma would be a nice addition to the divas but even with the divas revolution there’s not much going for them. As long as total divas exists, i don’t think i’ll be able to buy their rivalries because its easy to see them hanging out having jokes later on. For example everyone knows HBK-HHH relationship yet nobody knew what happened backstage when they were in that rivalry post 2002 return. It was realistic, believable and i could invest in that feud because i wasn’t invited backstage post match to hear them giggle over it.

  • WrestlePimp

    Eric Young, Austin Aries, Angelina

  • cubfan4life2

    My top 3 would have to be Aries, put him up against Balor, Zayn, Itami, or Breeze and just sit back and enjoy. Not to mention main roster guys like Ziggler, Rollins, or Owens.

    Next would be The Hardys. I cant separate them because I think the most effective way would be to bring them back as a tag team.

    Finally I would go with someone like Galloway. I know the popular choice would be say Bobby Roode or maybe MVP. But they are both near or over 40. Galloway being only 30 would have more longevity, and 3mb notwithstanding, was fairly successful in WWE until the wife got in the way.

  • Damian Starr

    While I’ve yet to see a confirmation that storm has chosen NXT, I would really like to see a Beer money reunion so you’d have to go with Roode (irrespective that he’s a brilliant talent on his own). I would say that EC3’s character is red hot right now, BUT 1) his character wouldn’t make sense in WWE and 2) they’d likely change it anyways so I wouldn’t choose him either.
    I would love to see Grado in a WWE ring, just imagine him in a feud with Jericho or the Rock or someone haha. Lastly would take Lashley, I think he could have a good feud with Lesnar, both got amateur and MMA backgrounds etc.

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