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WNZ Open Season: Universal Belt Better Look Awesome

On the last July RAW, we got a lot of changes. New announce position, new logo, new graphics, and news of a brand new title, the Universal Championship. This belt will serve as the RAW Brand’s¬† World Championship, though it’s getting harder to call it a heavyweight title because some of the guys vying for it don’t exactly fit the description. But that’s fine, it’s going to be around the most entertaining, or the best wrestlers, pound for pound-as a match such as Rollins versus Balor will prove.

But, before we pick apart the first bout to determine the first title holder, there’s a matter of the name and the belt.

The name? I don’t know what WWE was thinking. Honestly, as unoriginal as it would have been, going with “RAW World Champion” or “RAW Champion” would have worked so much better for me. Universal Champion? Are they fighting only in theme parks? Are they some manner of adapter? It’s a clunky name, which is unfortunate. I have a feeling many are going to end up constantly just referring to the holder of the belt as the¬† RAW Champion anyways, so we shall see.

But even with a bad name, here’s the kicker. This is really the make or break item here. The name could be horrifically worse. Talking like, exponentially worse than it currently is. But if the belt itself is awesome? Not many will care. I’ve said it before, I am not a huge fan of the current WWE title, though it has grown on me. The Tag Team belts aren’t horrible, though many don’t like them, and I understand the criticism. The Women’s Belt, while similar to the WWE title, gets less criticism because that belt is a massive improvement over the old Divas belt. The two that fall into the classic look are the US title and Intercontinental title. So without having seen the Universal belt, what WWE needs to get right is the look of this one.

Like, if they unveil it and it too closely resembles the WWE belt Dean Ambrose currently holds? That would be utterly disappointing.

If they unveil it and it resembles the belt that Hulk Hogan most often wore? Then we are getting somewhere. Even if it looked like the big globe belt that Rock and others trotted out, that wouldn’t be so bad.

What would be awesome, but I doubt it happens, would be the big gold belt coming out of mothballs. But, if that’s what they were going to do, I can’t imagine they would have saddled it with such a terrible moniker.

So, for now, we know the name left a lot to be desired. But if WWE hits a home run on the belt design? Then all could be forgiven. I just hope they don’t have the same team working on the belt, that worked on the new RAW logo.

WNZ readers, what are you hoping for?

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  • cp munk

    Saw This as its reveal. Don’t know if it’s real or not. Not terrible looking but wish we could get away from slapping a giant logo in the center of every new title

    • https://www.twitter.com/HawkGIVEEMHELL NO1SC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      lol well thats definitely a game

    • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #???

      good luck with cuz that logo will be plastered all over that title

  • WrestlePimp

    My first thought when i heard the name was: that’s corny.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      so did the whole wwe universe.

  • Scib

    This is the coolest design i found

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Not bad. I’m assuming the small plates (or at least a pair of them) would be replaced by the superstar’s custom logo?

  • It Begins kid

    At first I was hoping RAW would’ve brought back one of these classic titles. I just hope the new title looks as good as these classics.

    • The “Cleaner” Kenny omega #???

      all are classics except that crappy spinner belt

  • Mikey Shango #Retired

    WWC has the OG universal heavyweight title but the difference is makes sense unlike WWE

  • Dorathy

    Honestly, it sounds like a name a child would’ve come up with. My brother and I would fight to be ‘Champion of the Universe’ all the time when we were kids …

  • Mikey Shango #Retired

    In Dengis We Trust ??

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