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WNZ Open Season: Do You Want A Brand Split?

It’s one possible outcome from the upcoming WrestleMania 32 match currently slated between Undertaker and Shane McMahon: that we see a WWE brand split for the first time in several years. Reports are that wrestlers are discussing what it could mean. So of course, I get to speculate about it too.

So, what could we get out of a brand split? What are the pros and cons?

On the upside? Perhaps we get two fully independent  Creative teams, with two independent sets of ideas and fresh ideas. This, of course, would be a good thing. For a supporting example, look at NXT. Compare that show to what we get on RAW and SmackDown. Yes, the production value is different-one set of shows has a lot more money spent on it than the other. But strip away that, and just look at the writing, and things are so much simpler. No frills. Just wrestling and rivalries. Imagine if the main roster shows got back more to wrestling and moved away from the soap opera junk. For the fans, it would be a vast improvement on the writing side, which should absolutely make the week over week product infinitely more watchable. Question is, would it actually improve ratings?

Another upside? If Shane sticks around, that has to be seen as an upside. Short and simple, but true.

Also, if we do get a brand split, then what happens with the championship belts? The easy answers? The champions could appear on either show-but then that begins to defeat the purpose of the split. The next move would be to have specific champions for specific shows. So, do we get back a 2nd World Championship belt? What about the US and Intercontinental Championships? Do we get a 2nd set of tag belts? Or, in a development I think a lot of readers could get behind, do we finally bring back a belt such as the light heavyweight championship, cruiserweight championship or TV Title (even though when Cena had it, the US title basically was that). I would especially love to see something geared toward the lighter wrestlers, as a guy like Neville deserves to have a belt, but it’s hard to imagine him beating someone like Triple H or Roman Reigns.

What about the downsides?

For one, we’d likely only see wrestlers on set weekly shows, and every other PPV-or major PPVs. Now, this would be a boon for WWE, as they no doubt want to drive up ratings across the board. But if you aren’t one who likes to watch every show, it could be unfortunate as you might not get to see your favorite wrestlers as much. But I’d venture to say that’s a risk WWE is willing to take.

For another, while you could make a case for roster depth, splitting things up across two shows, running independent of one another? That depth suddenly isn’t so deep. Either that means WWE would be bringing in a lot more talent, or shows would be pushing just a select few at any give time. But if things get split up, and either or both shows get it by a rash of injuries like what WWE handled late in 2015, and all bets are off.

My 2 cents here-I think bringing back a cruiserweight title, for example, would be awesome. Not a fan of bringing back another world championship belt, however. And I think the biggest positive in this whole notion, would be possibly revitalizing the writing on the shows.

WNZ readers, what would you think about a possible brand split? Are you for or against it?

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  • josh

    Think about it guys. If they did a brand split again and Cena is back and healthy. They can have Cena be champ on Raw and 2.0 be champ on Smackdown. Or vise versa. How amazing would that be? :/

    • jcice13

      little if any amazement at all

  • biz

    If they do a brand split, I hope that guys like big show, Kane, Henry, and other past their prime veterans get put on the same show as a lot of younger talent and call ups from nxt. Raw could be the show with the main players like Seth and dean and bray and Cena, and then smack down be the place they call up nxt talent and put them over with stars who are on their way out

  • El Marichachi

    Drop the US or unify with IC and reinstate the European Title for Barrett Sheamus Neville etc

  • Brett in MN

    ONLY if Vince isn’t in charge of booking -one- of the shows.

    But that won’t happen.

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