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WNZ Open Season: Will Tyler Breeze Be Good For Ziggler?

As you’ve no doubt not iced by now, we’ve had yet another NXT call-up, in the form of Tyler Breeze. Breeze has made himself known on both Smackdown and RAW, by being out and about during Dolph Ziggler’s matches.

So, a question hit me. Will a program with Breeze, be good for Dolph Ziggler? Clearly, I feel it will be good for Tyler.

For a guy like Breeze, to get called up and work immediately with Ziggler? It’s huge. I mean, it’s not Kevin Owens-John Cena huge. It’s not Shield interjecting themselves into a World title match, but it’s still big. Ziggler was, at this point last year, the hottest face in WWE. He was carrying his Survivor Series team to a victory. He was deserving of a bigger push than what he got. Still is. I mean, let’s keep it in perspective-Ziggler, on RAW, was someone who was in the running for a shot at Seth’s World Championship. So Tyler Breeze is getting called up, and he’s being put in a really good program right off the bat. Not too shabby.

But, for Ziggler? I’m not so sure it will be as beneficial. Not being mean to Breeze, but Dolph should be in a title hunt, and instead he’s getting a program with an NXT call-up. I suppose it’s an improvement over the Rusev program, but by how much? Yes, Breeze is young and has promise and talent, otherwise he wouldn’t be here. But I don’t think anyone considers him the second coming of Seth Rollins. I get it, someone had to work with Breeze, and Ziggler is one of the better workers going today, so why not. I just worry it’s almost a demotion of sorts for The Showoff.

What say you, WNZ readers? Will a program with Breeze be as good for Ziggler, as a program with Ziggler will be for Breeze?

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  • Michael King

    Ziggler said a lot of people wanted to see him face Breeze but he didn’t want to

    • http://www.ManySheepLessWolves.net/ Hawkins…livE fO ecaF weN ehT

      I feel like once Ziggler tryna they will be a tag team and I can see Breeze and Miz as a team too (hell I could see them all in a stable together ?)

  • Michael King

    Ziggler should be WWE champion

  • Dexter

    I think a program between Miz and Breeze would be good

  • Martin Koehler

    I am liking Breeze way more than I expected to. I think he is the first person that Summer actually fits well with. That in itself is really impressive. And I think having him ally with Mix would be great.
    Having him with a feud with Ziggler? I think Ziggler will benefit more so in the back than storyline wise.

    • The one and only great one

      Summer was better with Fandango, Everyone else she was with didn’t work but so far her and Breeze does seem to fit

  • Victor82

    I only see Tyler Breeze in the lower mid card level with that gimmick.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      yep, Fandango level.

  • MEH

    I think that regardless of who you’re in the ring with, once you put on one hell of a match and you have the locker room talking and admiring the performance you put on as well as the fans then that is what will elevate you. I’ve never understood the Dolph crush most IWC have. Don’t get me wrong I think he is a good hand, but I don’t see mega star, I don’t see money. Perhaps he needs to re-package himself or do something to blow me away in order to accumulate those accolades with me. His last program with Rusev was rancid so a new fresh story-line with a fresh face will hopefully reinvigorate his character.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    If it didn’t work for Fandango and Rose, why does anybody expect Tyler to succeed with that gimmick?

    I understand selfie sticks and selfie photos are kind of hip these days, but really? Guy with a pink selfie stick and an iphone walking down with Fandango level of clothes and the smug of Adam Rose?

  • will

    No no no no no. I don’t think this would benefit either man. Breeze Will be stuck as a mid card talent. Ziggler deserves better than this. If he had a title then yes it would be a good debut feud, but I just don’t see either of them benefiting from this

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