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WNZ Open Season: What Will Daniel Bryan Do?

After his somewhat stunning retirement on the February 8th RAW, we were left admiring the man, but also wondering.

Wondering what he might do next, that is.

We’ve seen him serve as a guest GM. That didn’t go too badly. We’ve seen him as part of Tough Enough, which also worked out pretty well. But outside of those ideas, what else might Daniel do? I’ve laid out a few ideas for Bryan, post-wrestling.


It’s no secret that some former wrestlers work out pretty well on commentary. Could Daniel move into the broadcast position? It’s certainly possible, as he would no doubt bring an interesting perspective to the announce team. And, being on the road would keep him around Brie more, possibly. So it is not without it’s appeal.

2-Road Agent

We see guys like Dave Finlay and Billy Kidman in this role, so it’s not a huge leap to imagine Daniel Bryan could become one as well. But, would he want that role? Would some guys in the locker room respect him? And, unlike a job as an announcer, this one carries with it what amounts to the same schedule as an active wrestler, minus the wear and tear of all the bumps. There is something to be said for getting off the road, however.


If WWE had a facility in Arizona, this would be a no brainer. I don’t know if Brie and Daniel would move to Florida (though it’s worth noting that John Cena and Nikki have a home there). But whether they open a new place closer to Daniel, or he opts to move to Florida, I am sure he’d make a terrific trainer. However, considering his ongoing concussion concerns, I don’t know if it’s worth the risk. Not that being a trainer is as bad as being the trainee, but you likely wouldn’t want DB taking bumps to show how it’s done, or any other similar physical activities. With something as serious as a concussion-especially if Bryan is a high risk due to his history-it’s likely not worth it.

4-Enjoys retirement

This one is, hands down, my favorite. As much as I’d love to see him on WWE TV with regularity, a huge part of me hopes he just walks away. He’s already spent the majority of the time since he relinquished his Intercontinental Championship away from WWE, so it’s not really that much of a leap to assume he might just continue that trend. And that’s perfectly fine.

So, WNZ readers, what do you think retirement has in store for Daniel Bryan?

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  • Si Nicholls

    He has the momentum at present to go mainstream maybe into films or into presenting a show, it all depends on his contract with WWE thou, he may have retired from the ring but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still under contract currently

  • jcice13

    like Si Nicholls says below me here..he’s still probably under contract and if that is the case it makes sense to use him publicly as an ambassador at least, a show or 2 on the network..he’s still a hot commodity, hey if he can talk even a color commentator gig, but that may out of his scope

  • Bite Me You Loser

    He could spend some time training Brie. At this point Brie could inherent Bryan’s YES Lock and Flying Knee finishers to help her improve her in ring abilities and become a bigger threat in the Diva’s division. Her sister Nikki trains with Cena and has built up a bit of muscle so why can’t Brie become more technical and a speedy grappler?

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    It seems like he’s going to enjoy retirement. It was reported that WWE has offered him different positions within the company but he has said no to all of them unless if he changes his mind. Personally, I like for him to be the Commissioner of the WWE. It’s been a long time (it seems like lol) since we had a babyface general manager/commissioner, it’s time to freshen things up but then again I doubt he wants a TV role.

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