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WNZ Open Season: What Will Foley Do?

There’s a strong rumor going ’round that points to one Mick Foley showing up on RAW tonight, and not for no good reason other than to get a cheap pop. With WrestleMania rapidly approaching, it’s time to amp things up. And, it would appear that either Foley wants to be involved, or someone thought his presence could provide some measure of a boost.

So what could Foley do? What should Foley do?

The obvious angle would be to become involved in the McMahon Family Feud, but should he?

On the one hand, why not. Especially if it means we get some really awkward clown appearances to cheer Vince up, it would be hillarious-and, likely provide a bridge to a Rock appearance too (give us a little Rock-n-Sock connection!). But on his own, does Foley even matter anymore? Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching Foley, and have since I got to see him wrestle in person in the old ECW Arena. But that was a long time-and many harsh bumps-ago. Mick can’t do those spots anymore, even if he might want to. And if he can’t do the bumping, what’s the point? Shane doesn’t exactly need a spokesman or a cheerleader-unless this is intended to start to involve more than the McMahons, by having Hall of Famers and talent take sides in the battle.

It could work, and I do give this a decent shot of happening. And, with The Rock scheduled as well, there’s always hope for a Rock-n-Sock reunion.

Where else would I take this? Honestly, I would love to see Foley get into Dean Ambrose’s ear. Ambrose has that crazy, unorthodox style, and if there’s anyone who would know a thing or two about crazy and unorthodox, it’s Foley. Would WWE have Mick serve as the Yin to Paul Heyman’s Yang? It would be interesting, on so many levels.

So, WNZ readers, how would you like to see Mick Foley used-if at all?

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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    promote his show lol

    • It Begins kid


  • Mizanur Mowla

    Who cares about foley :)

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