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WNZ Open Season: Wishful Thinking For The Draft

WWE World Heavyweight title
With the draft and brand extension just a couple weeks away, it’s a fine time to wishfully think of how things could change (for better or worse) when things become officially split. With that in mind, here are some thoughts that I’ve had on the matter, that I thought were worth sharing and discussing.

1-More belts.

I think this is inevitable. I think such a thing as the Cruiserweight Classic is an effort to revive that class, something WWE has to know it has plenty of talent for. And it’s a lot easier and more logical for a guy like Neville to vie for a cruiserweight championship than it is for him to be seen as a threat for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. But it’s not even just this specific title. WWE could easily opt for revivals of defunct belts, such as the hardcore championship (extremely unlikely), the TV title (which I would be in favor of) or the previously mentioned cruiserweight gold (also a good idea, in my mind). Adding a Women’s tag team championship might be a good idea too. But I am wary of them adding a 2nd world championship again, because outside of an inevitable unification bout, all that does is dilute things, I think.

2-More chances

This is a given, but I hope it’s the newer faces getting the shots AND seizing the moments given to them. With all due respect to the so-called Old School guys, most of them are in the twilights of their careers. Guys like Big Show and Mark Henry just aren’t major players anymore. Guys like Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews? They absolutely are. These are the kinds of guys that things need to focus on.

3-New managers

I am a sucker for a good manager. And, while I am digging guys like the Authors of Pain, and Paul Ellering is a legend, it’s kind of frustrating to see WWE have to go back to the well. Are you telling me there is not a single scrawny guy (or gal) out there who isn’t a bump-taker, but who can work the mic like Enzo? And serve as the mouth for someone who is otherwise good, except for crappy mic work? There has to be one or two out there. We can’t just get by on the greatness of a couple of Pauls, can we?

4-Shorter shows

Look, I know this one has no shot of happening any time soon, but I said it was my wishlist, OK? Here’s the thing, folks. I cover 3 shows a week now, not counting PPV type engagements. My favorite nights of the week? Wednesdays and Thursdays, though Thursday should become Tuesday soon enough. And why is that? Because one show is one hour long, the other is two. These are good lengths for a wrestling show. Three hours? It’s just too long. I mean, RAW has gotten better over the past few months, but there are still shows that don’t deliver, and I feel in many cases the biggest drawback is timing. If they were working with a two hour show, I think it masks a lot of the issues, though clearly WWE thinks they are fine there, if not only are they keeping RAW at three hours, but they are now going to split the roster, thereby reducing the number of talents to be hanging out in the RAW lockers. I’ve said it before, I will say it again: I would be ecstatic if RAW went to a 1 hour pre-show, followed by the 2 hour RAW. The pre-show could be a recap of the week’s events. Play off of the ESPN involvement and have a SportsCenter-esque show, covering any highlights, news, hype, etc.

I know it will never happen, but it’s fun to dream.

WNZ readers, what are you hoping to see (or not see) with the split?

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  • Mike

    I don’t think the cruiser weight title has a place in wwe these days. It was a title designed for smaller
    Wrestlers to win, as they were seen as beneath the big guys. That isn’t the case anymore, and guys like Bryan and even smallish guys like Rollins, and ambrose, have followed the lead of
    Shawn Michaels, and Eddie Guerrero and even rey mysterio to become small wwe champions. That title pidgeon holes small guys and limits them. If a guy like Neville
    Isn’t a wwe title threat at the moment, he can certainly be a contender for the ic or us title in future, as a guy like kalisto has been. As
    For more titles, I don’t see the point. Maybe another set of tag titles, but I would much rather see the wwe champ, the tag champs and the divas champ able to go onto
    Both shows as part of their right as champions. Then the us title will be exclusive to smackdown and ic to raw
    Or vice Versa.

  • Si Nicholls

    The only extra titles I would want to see is a women’s tag title and maybe bringing back the European Title — the only problem with a 3hour show is they recap stuff that happened earlier in the show your already watching, which is boring and takes away time from another match happening

  • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)

    For those saying don’t add a second world title, give an explanation (from wwe standpoint not what you would do or like to see) is to how the brand split is supposed to feel special when lets say Dean is still champion past the draft and battleground and he’s a smackdown guy how to you expect him to defend the title against a raw guy when say someone on smackdown wants a crack of the title?

    What you going to do one month let a raw guy go for it and then the next month let a smackdown guy go for it because that will make some interesting feuds or prolong guys depending on how long the feud is?

    Keep in mind they still want Reigns as a top guy so theres no telling how many title shots he will get leaving guys like Cesaro, KO, to have to wait a while until they can even get a chance to get a title shot and don’t get me started if Brock wins it again and leaves with the title and we don’t see him until maybe during the Big four ppvs.

    To me that defeats the purpose of a brand spilt and basically they should keep things how they are where it make sense for the title to be defended on both raw and smackdown. No, this not me just trying to be difficult but I actually like to hear a legit reason.

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