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WNZ Open Season: Bring Back Awesome Kong?

Perfect opponent for Nia Jax, no?

So, as I’ve admitted in the past, I am not always super-up on every single show. But, hopefully, you’ve noticed that recently, I started tuning in to NXT regularly and churning out a Nutshell. (If you have not noticed, please go take a look at it. I’ll wait here.)

And, it was on the February 10 edition of NXT where I saw Nia Jax for the first time, in living color. And my first thought?

Awesome Kong, AKA Kharma, is a free agent. And what better way to counter Nia Jax, than by bringing in Kong?

Now, I know I haven’t forgotten Kharma’s less than awesome first time in WWE. She should have been dominant, then she apparently got pregnant, got bullied by The Bellas and disappeared. So, I don’t know if she’d even get another shot. But the WWE (and NXT) are experiencing tremendous growth, so there’s no reason she couldn’t get another shot, even if she lands in NXT.

But, should she? Would you give her a shot?

Should she? I’d say, from an in-ring perspective, absolutely yes. From a backstage perspective? To be determined. She was, after all, fired from her last place of employment due to an altercation that took place backstage. So either she’s got a history of them, and that was the final straw-in which case, I am probably steering clear of her. Or, she lost in a game of backstage politics, in which case I see no reason not to bring her back and see what happens.

Personally, I think she’s probably worth it, even if she is a bit of a risk. Most of WWE’s Divas and women are smaller, so they rely on the speed and precision moves. But Kong, like Nia Jax, is bigger and can be dominant. So if you have one, why not have both?

I don’t know that WWE would do it, but adding Kong to the mix wouldn’t surprise me, and could prove to be quite interesting.

WNZ readers, would you go for it?

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  • Zack

    One reason they’d not bring her in is because they likely want Nia to be their homegrown version of Awesome Kong.

  • MikeLo #NewNation


  • Mike

    I think she’s a terrible wrestler. Watched her in tna.
    She doesn’t have good matches, Gail Kim made her look good. Nobody else could pull that off. No way leave her Alone. She’s just a gimmick because of her size. Jax is a lot better.

    • MRBIGGK70

      Oh yea…. Then why do they call her Awesome for ???? Duh !!!!

    • Katie W

      I suggest you watch Awesome Kong in TNA 2008-2009 and her work in Japan and then have a think about if Nia Jax is better.
      Seriously it is a no brainer.

      • Mike

        I’ve seen her in tna and wwe after those dates, and not once has she impressed me.

  • That boy Alejandro

    Awesome kong vs bray wyatt lol

  • Katie W

    Agreed. Kong is still the most intimidating female in wrestling today. She has shown that she can still work decent matches and has a image that is one of a kind. WWE fans was teased by the brief time they had Kharma on the roster and she actually was more over in that brief period than women that have been there for years.
    A Kharma return would be ideal in the current revolution that is on going which is supposed to be about bringing in talented female workers. A monster intimidation threat is missing and Kharma is ideal to fill it. She would be a great test for the up and coming stars like Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Paige, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Asuka etc.
    I could not care less about Nia Jax in NXT, she would flop on the main roster, she lacks intimidation and character and she is obviously green in the ring. Why settle for a cheap imitation when WWE can bring back the real deal in Kharma.

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