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WNZ Wednesday Morning “Caption This” – 9/4/2013

Welcome to WNZ”s “Caption This”, which, unless you’ve been practicing your promo skills in front of a mirror and spend your nights striving to be like Michael McGillicutty, is a well-recognized picture taken from Monday Night Raw. All you have to do is put your suggested caption in the comments.

This week, the pic is:

big show


The best caption wins the accolades of all; the worst earns our scorn. Have fun!

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  • Mr. Creative

    Show: “I have to go!”
    Steph: “Hold it in Show, just a little bit longer.”

  • Guest

    show: Im like a girl on her period I only cry once a month

  • Daniel_P1

    While Steph and Show are trying to sell the whole angle HHH thinks to himself: “I can’t believe we talked Paul into this ‘im broke’ angle”

  • Steve

    Why do I always lose playing Rock Paper Scissors?

  • sonik

    Show : But I just wanted to go to KFC…

  • Rob T

    maybe if I swing around her, I can knock him out…….. but should I risk hitting her and trading a WMD for a STD?

  • TheBigMan

    I hate it when my hand cramps like this! It hurts!!

  • Alejandro

    Stephanie: “Why are you crying Show?”
    Big Show: “Because I forgot to eat my twinkies that I left in my locker room and now I have to decide whether to go back or be forced to bury the hottest thing going on in wrestling right now.”
    Triple H: “Those Twinkies-ahhh…. I mean… Knock Daniel Bryan out NOWWW!”

  • Damian Starr

    Ok who put laxatives in my drink earlier?!

  • http://www.ManySheepLessWolves.net/ Hawkins


    Steph:Do whats best for business…or we will do (*Dramatic Music*)…..Chaperone 2 The Musical!

    Hunter:(*thinking*) Ha…rather B Jarko Grimwood againah…maybe later tonight i can give Steph this Grimwoodah…haha…woodah….

  • Roy Mullenders

    Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me. No more.

  • Panama Stallion

    I should punch Laurinaitis for bringing me back with an “ironclad” contract and having to put up with this crying crap instead of keeping me fired

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