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The Women Of SmackDown Are Killing It

Taking nothing away from the women of RAW (they have been pretty brilliant in their own right), I have been completely and utterly impressed by the women of SmackDown as of late. When the draft went down initially, it did seem like most of the high-level female talent were sent to RAW, with SmackDown receiving a slew of NXT talent. With no WWE Women’s title on SmackDown, that equaled out to another negative in my eyes. While I still think the division desperately needs a title, these women are making the best out of what they have been given, and are simply killing it in the ring right now.

I was incredibly impressed by the official debuts of Alexa Bliss and Carmella this week. In many ways, Bayley not being drafted during the brand extension took the spotlight away from the idea that these two women had made it. Each, respectively, came out looking strong during their debuts, and left a tremendous impact on me. I’ve watched them on NXT, but seeing them both on the main roster as of late, on their own (without their boys), has been spectacular. A fan, a while ago, had pointed out how Alexa mimics Trish Stratus, and I couldn’t agree more after her debut on Tuesday; her voice, somewhat of her look, and style, how she performs in the ring: Alexa may be destined for the Hall of Fame too someday, however, it is WAY to early to be talking about that. Alternatively, Carmella came out strong, and delivered well in her match too. Her mic skills are strong, and the only thing she may need to overcome on the main roster, is being on a different brand than Enzo and Cass; and winning over the audience with a similar gimmick.

Shout out to Becky Lynch and Nattie, for helping to push the debuts of these two over as well. I’ve said in the past, it takes a true pro wrestling talent to help make your competitor look good, and Lynch and Natalya were both able to achieve this. May I also say, that heel Nattie is growing on my tremendously, and I feel like the character is finally settling in with her bad girl ways.

The only thing missing Tuesday? Naomi. It’s been a long while since Naomi has been in storyline-related material on television, and I truly hope that the Creative team is on it. I miss seeing her wrestle, and hope something is coming down the pipe, soon.

As for Eva Marie. She has yet to wrestle, so I am yet to be impressed. I get this whole angle of hers is to get heat, and she’s getting a reaction from fans, not to mention the fact that her name was trending on Twitter Tuesday; so, as a heel, she’s accomplishing what she wants to, from a character perspective. She’s building a persona, which is all fine and good; but, if the girl can’t wrestle or handle herself on the mic – well, then, she’s not really worth talking about. Other than extending her storyline of a non-existent debut, there is nothing outstanding to write about, as it relates to Eva Marie.

WNZ fans … am I the only one who thinks the ladies of SmackDown are killing it? Leave you comments below!

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