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WrestleMania 32: 5 Real Losers

The WWE returned to pay per view with Sunday’s WrestleMania 32, titles changed hands and a total of 12 matches were booked. Overall, the six plus hours moved along with some imperfections. Somewhere in that mix of ordinary, five wrestlers left WrestleMania 32 as real losers.

If you missed it, WrestleNewz has WrestleMania 32 play by play coverage.

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  • Mean Dean

    WWE will do anything to eliminate Ambrose out of the main event picture, ‘mania was a good example, that they are basically doing the same to Ambrose, as they did to Bryan, destroy him. Nobody is convinced that the Wyatts are the new face of fear , due to very poor bookings in the past what, since last wrestlemania? And honestly, Stonecold, HBK, and Foley was a huge waste of time, and wasted spot, for me, they belong on the loser spot this year.

    • Mike

      Bryan won the main event of mania and beat hhh in the same night.
      You really think they tried to destroy
      Him. It was a long work.

      • Mean Dean

        Where did Bryan end afterwards? I’m just saying, that the “little” guys are being forced to push it to there physical limits, before even being considered for the main event

        • Mike

          He ended up injured, and then came aback won a big ladder match at mania and then got injured again. That was always his style, it was what made
          Him entertaining.

  • Mike

    Losing to lesnar doesn’t harm ambrose what so ever. Not every loss is the end of the world.
    Lesnar defeated the undertaker at mania. Losing to dean would of destroyed his character. I like
    Ambrose and believe the wwe have big plans for ambrose.

    • Mizanur Mowla

      Agree with you!

  • countyboy98

    Top losers of this, us fans. For been the biggest show of the year. It really was a let down

  • Mizanur Mowla

    The bottom line is Romain Reign sucks. I don’t understand why the hell this guy is still in wwe? He should be in wrestling training school. This guy is completely pathetic with”0″ skill. WrestleMania was great but except fucking Main Event. Reign screwed the whole Mania.

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