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WrestleMania 32: Favorites To Lose

WrestleMania 32
The betting odds are starting to come in for WrestleMania 32, but it’s still too soon to make the safe bet. That will come in the final 60 minutes before the event begins. With days to go, here are my early favorites to leave WrestleMania 32 as loser(s).
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  • si69

    WrestleNews open season does favourite to win and favourite to loss merit two articles

  • KingBack

    I thought Banks was the favorite to win the match?

    • biz

      She is. These guys often times don’t read their own articles and offer conflicting reports.

  • Mike

    I think personally. Sasha may win. Ryback will defeat kalisto and I could see zayn winning the title. I believe joe will win the nxt championship, so I don’t see him debuting on the main roster quite yet. Finn will come up very soon.

  • Josh
  • MEH

    Just need to change the title of the article to Lose instead of Loss.

    I would swap Banks for Lynch, Ryback for Kalisto and the divas around to Bad and Blonde losing

  • Si Nicholls

    I agree with irrelevant and Blonde winning, but with Lana getting the pin to continue her slow push

  • Meg Matthews

    Favourites to loss not lose?

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