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WrestleMania 33: Needed Changes

WWE was back with another installment of WrestleMania. After some questionable decisions as of late, the WWE needed to make changes. Not all the changes worked and here’s what the company needs to improve on for next year.

If you missed it, WrestleNewz has WrestleMania 33 play by play coverage.

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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    Whats the difference between a ladder match and a TLC match. What rule is there that you can’t use tables and/or chairs in a normal ladder match….meaning the there is no point to naming a match a TLC match.

    Now if it was aladder match of old, where the only weapon you could/allowed to use was the ladder then fine. But right now, both matches are the same thing.

    • https://www.twitter.com/HawkGIVEEMHELL NO1SC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

      lol Right like what’s the difference between a non sanctioned match and a street fight? Jeans?

  • Mike

    I get what you’re saying with show. That was probably his last mania, Unless they get him for one big one next year, If not he’s not done with WWE yet he could have a big match with strowman again or someone like that and put them over before he leaves. I assume he will work backstage he lives and breathes WWE.

  • https://www.twitter.com/HawkGIVEEMHELL NO1SC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    What else needed to change?
    Taker shouldve not Been there he should’ve retired YEARS ago
    Orton should’ve not have won
    ATG Battle Royal should be retired
    Bring back MITB ladder match with to 2 RAW 2 SDL and 2 NXT wrestlers

  • Lemmy Is God

    They need to stop putting every superstar on the show. Kinda waters down the importance of the event when everyone can get on the card. If they aren’t doing anything and have nothing going on for them, keep them off the WM card and try again next year

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