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WrestleMania: Could-Would-Should

WWE Championship
Ladies and gentlemen, this is likely our biggest Could-Would-Should set of predictions for the year, or at least, that’s what WWE will want us to think. Though, with all the injuries, and when folks are due back? Here’s a general prediction for you: SummerSlam will be a better card this year.

With that out of the way, here are the predictions!

Kalisto versus Ryback: for the US Championship

How this could go: The bigger man, or in this case, The Big Guy, wins, in expected fashion.

How this should go: Kalisto has been knocking off all sorts of people. And I kind of dig him as champ. I say he keeps it.

How I wish this would go: I want the US belt back in prominence, like it was this time last year, or about to be. Not sure either guy does that.

10 Divas Tag Match

How this could go: Any which way. It’s a train wreck with makeup on, is it not?

How this should go: Honestly? Away. This one is sort of a nonsensical match, with some odd pairings. I expect it to go south, fast.

How I wish it would go: Streamlined. You could have had a pretty good match making it 3 on 3, or 2 on 2 on 2. Something like that. 5 on 5? There’s a card for that. It’s called Survivor Series.

The Usos versus The Dudleys

How this could go: I can argue that both teams need a win here. So I’ll say…double DQ.

How this should go: I can actually live with the DQ scenario, especially if it means we’ve got tables involved. And despite what Bubba said…we should.

How I wish it would go: Tables. Definitely tables. Beyond that? Could not care less who wins. I just want tables.

Dean Ambrose versus Brock Lesnar

How it could go: Brock, the bigger man, could quickly destroy Ambrose, a la Cena at SummerSlam.

How it should go: 20 minutes, all over the stadium, both men bloody, with one man barely draping his fingers across the other in order to secure the win. In that scenario, I say Dean pulls out a miracle.

How I wish it would go: 20 minutes. Bloody. All out crazy. Tons of weapons, and maybe a non-intrusive cameo or two.

Charlotte vs Becky vs Sasha: Divas Championship

How this could go: Charlotte retains, convincingly.

How this should go: I think, as much as Charlotte wants her WrestleMania moment, this time it’s going to be Sasha winning it.

How I wish it would go: Honestly? I would love to see the Lass Kicker win it all.

Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship

How it could go: Owens beats the odds and retains.

How it should go: I think I give Owens the best odds coming out of the match with the title, but if it’s not him, Sami Zayn looks like the next best bet.

How I wish it would go: To me, there are three legit shots here-Owens, Ziggler and Zayn. So, I wish for one of them to win. Which means it’ll be Ryder or Miz in a stunner.

Styles versus Jericho

How it could go: Jericho, the wily vet, could pull one off.

How it should go: Jericho, the wily vet, will put Styles over.

How I wish it would go: Just as I said it should. Jericho is the master at picking his spots, and I think when he came back this last time, it was in large part because he was getting the chance to work with Styles, and would put him over. For his willingness to put guys over and work with them, he deserves another championship run just like that.

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

How it could go: One of 20 ways, obviously.

How it should go: Hard to keep liking this, because winning it means precisely squat. Cesaro won the first, and it did…nothing. Show won last year, and it had no benefit for him. So, whomever wins this one…will anyone care?

How I wish it would go: Away, or be more meaningful. And, if Cesaro makes a surprise return, I have him going against Show in the final two, with Show getting tossed out.

New Day versus League of Nations

How this could go: Rather see a tag team title defense than this, but it is what it is. League could win, I suppose. Numbers and all that.

How this should go: New Day wins, perhaps with some help-either by a newly minted HoF tag team, or a surprise 4th member. Take your pick.

How I wish it would go: On one hand, I’d love to see a Freebird assist. On the other, how crazy would it be to see Titus come down as the surprising fourth member?

Hunter versus Roman: WWE Championship

How it could go: Roman could win, and the WWE Universe could warmly accept him as champion.

How it should go: Like last year, except there is no MITB briefcase to bail them out.

How I wish it would go: Hunter stuns the world and retains.

Shane versus Undertaker: Hell In A Cell

How it could go: Cleanly and without a hint of outside interference.

How it should go: This one is less a match, more a spectacle. So I expect some blood, and I expect some high spots. Otherwise, Shane has no shot. Right? Or, say, Cena runs in to piss of the Authority, and Shane O Mac pulls off the win.

How I wish it would go: I wish they booked Shane suffering an injury early on, so that we weren’t going to see, as one of our main event level matches, one where a guy north of 50 battles a guy nearing 50. One wrestles rarely, and the other has not wrestled in years. But since I can’t? I just wish this match doesn’t suck, and doesn’t ruin ‘Takers legacy.

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  • Fernando Oliveira

    I really hope that we get good matches later on. My predictions are:
    Kalisto retains
    Couldn’t care less about the 10 Divas tag match
    Dudleys win
    Ambrose wins
    Hopefully Sasha wins
    Owens retains
    Jericho puts Styles over
    Don’t know who are the participants in the Battle Royal
    New Day, of course
    Hunter retains
    Shane wins, with interference.

  • Mike

    I’m going for ryback, total divas, Dudleys(could Go either way)
    Lesnar(but maybe ambrose has a chance with wyatt it interference)
    Sasha, but I prefer becky
    Sami zayn new champ (it will be him or Owens)
    Got a feeling bray wyatt enters the battle toys and wins, if not strowman.
    New day

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