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WrestleNewz Week In Review (1/25-1/31)

WWE Championship
It’s Sunday, so here at WrestleNewz we take a moment to reflect on the past week. The week focused mostly on the Royal Rumble PPV and AJ Styles’ WWE debut.

We had the Royal Rumble and John’s nutshell made it’s first appearance of the week. Dorathy thought Triple H winning the Royal Rumble and WWE Championship was best for business.

The nutshell would appear again after RAW, which saw The Rock return home to the WWE. This led to talk of a WrestleMania 32 match.

Joe would send out the Royal Rumble’s report card, found 5 real losers, 5 real winners, some post-questions, and what worked/what didn’t.

WNZ Open Season asked our readers about Triple H vs. The Rock and the ceiling for AJ Styles.

In Ask WNZ, the staff debated if John Cena competing at WrestleMania 32 was an option, should live events run the same time as RAW, thoughts on the Royal Rumble PPV, and likes/dislikes from the Rumble.

Be sure to check WrestleNew’z first installment of WWE 2K16 tournament of champions and the opening round. Pretty cool stuff.

Lastly, our Dear Creative letter returned after taking a week off due the Royal Rumble.

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