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WrestleNewz Week In Review (2/29-3/6)

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It’s Sunday, so here at WrestleNewz we take a moment to reflect on the past week. The week began with closing Fastlane thoughts and if Ryback needs a mulligan.

We then had RAW and John’s nutshell appeared. It would return for NXT’s nutshell.

Take a look at Shane’s next opponents, deserving HOF names, greatest Hell in Cell matches, and superstars deserving a WWE Championship run.

Dorathy says it’s time to stop Roman Reigns’ push and the odds of Triple H losing the WWE Championship.

It’s time to #GiveBrayWyattAChance and WWE needs an attitude adjustment.

Deeper Dive involved a brand split and some WWE Network options. WNZ Open Season also involved the brand split.

In Ask WNZ the staff debated if Shane McMahon’s return was correctly handled, Undertaker’s RAW return, and AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor.

Finally we have the Dear Creative letter and our new Mania Mash-Up, which needs your feedback.

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