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WrestleNewz Week In Review (7/4-7/10)

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It’s Sunday, so here at WrestleNewz we take a moment to reflect on the past week. The week involved Enzo & Big Cass saving the day and Sasha Banks being the face of women’s wrestling.

For fourth of July, we found the most patriotic stars, and how WWE represents the USA.

We had RAW and John’s nutshell followed. It returned for NXT.

Joe looked into the best general managers, the worst general managers, draft returns that need to happen, the best choices for general managers, and what’s next for Brock Lesnar.

Open season had the fans see if Darren Young has a chance with Bob Backlund and wishful thinking for the draft,

We now know Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton is set for SummerSlam. Plus, UFC 200 means a big week for Brock Lesnar.

Dear Creative questions the booking of WWE Champion Dean Ambrose.

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