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Wrestlers Who Need A Face Turn In 2017

It’s a new year and the perfect time for WWE to start turning some of their superstars heel.
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  • Mike

    I agree with most of these, Hawkins is relevant enough to even care about, Titus has only really just turned heel, his outside efforts are not relevant look at all the work Steph does away from WWE all then make a wish the heels do. They’re two completely different situations. I
    Do think Titus is massively under used though. Styles wyatt and Jericho will
    Turn face eventually next year surely. Another face turn I wouldn’t mind seeing at some point is Kevin Owens. Maybe late next year or 2018, I think he could get a huge Reaction. Maybe apollo crews, its easier to be a heel early if you don’t have a huge amount of charisma and mic skills.

  • Si Nicholls

    I’ve always viewed Wyatt as a face anyway and AJ it makes no odds to me, he’s the best at what he does regardless of the label the company put on him.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ????

    How did Curt Hawkins make the list lol?

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Actually, I think you’ve got it backwards with Hawkins. He and Ryder have already been seen reuniting on programming once or twice. I think you turn him face now. Now that Ziggler’s apparently gone heel, they need to turn someone face.

    I think Titus is being forced into a heel role because of the Vince incident (Vincident?) I say that because he had been face, it didn’t make any kind of sense to begin with, and it was literally the worst decision if they were going to try to get Darren Young over with his new gimmick (good luck with that, because the gimmick sucked). The feud was stale and had no novelty. It makes no sense whatsoever to keep Titus heel now that it’s done.

  • jcice13

    well no offense but no one really cares about hawkins and titus as for the other 3 they don’t need anything, they are over no matter what they do…if anyone should turn they should turn Cena heel it would be the biggest turn since Hogan’s

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