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Wrestling Tweets of the Week: Feb. 11 – 15, 2013

It was a peculiar week in wrestling, and the chatter in the Twitterverse reflected the weirdness. CM Punk took some criticism for an anti-Pope tweet deemed by some to be blasphemous. The International Olympics Committee nixed wrestling from the Games, sparking furor among many pro wrestlers who rose through the amateur ranks. Diamond Dallas Page supposedly convinced the bedraggled Scott Hall to join him for some serious rehab (though Kevin Nash has his doubts). And John Cena allegedly had an elicit fling with a porn star.  Oh, and almost forgot: there’s a pay-per-view Sunday!

https://twitter.com/CMPunk/status/301049567678431232 https://twitter.com/Ryback22/status/301493031612342274






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  • YM5

    not even a homophobe but that singlet is gay lol, Ryan will be getting an earfull about that at the Asylum