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Wrestling Tweets of the Week, Jan. 28 – Feb. 1, 2013

Following an entertaining (if predictable) Royal Rumble, the Road to WrestleMania took a peculiar detour through Las Vegas for Raw.  The so-called Raw Roulette episode proved that when you gamble on the the random spin of a wheel, the odds dictate that you’ll probably end up a loser (i.e. Tensai in lingerie). But with Brock Lesnar’s surprise return and the Rock-Punk war continuing, there was plenty of fuel for social media chatter. Here’s a glimpse at some of the week’s more captivating Twitter banter from the wrestling world.

Here’s the context to CM Punk’s tweet, in case you missed it.

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  • Grady

    The Rock, love him or hate him you have to respect the legacy.

    Kofi is one of the best athletes WWE have right now and is really good at improv.

    Kayfabe, that is a huge problem with RAW and WWE in general it has to competition during the Monday Night Wars both companies feared the other and were playing a game of one-ups-manship and they just got better and better until one fell.

    Bo Dallas, next big thing, nuff said.

    Trish absolutely deserves the HoF as much as Lita and many other of the divas of her generation. Thinking maybe she should go in on the same year as Lita as they were always even the whole way through their careers.

    Tensai, next big joke, nuff said.

    Ryder, please pull Natalya off of that group, there is still a small glimmer of hope she might actually get used for her talents.

    Dreamer, well God is already heel turning on HBK against the McMahon’s I thought his son might have taken that road himself.

  • tmcfan15

    Haha turn Jesus Christ heel.

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