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WWE 2016 Hall Of Fame In A Nutshell

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Sure, why not. This is the second of what will wind up being four-yes, four-consecutive Nutshells for me. The Hall of Fame is a long ceremony, and it can be a blast. But not everyone can endure the festivities for the duration, so why not give folks a nice, concise Nutshell for their enjoyment. So, let’s get things started!

Best Speech of the night:

Does Jackie get this because of how short and sweet her speech was? Snoop gets credit too. His was well delivered, just long enough, and I enjoyed it.

And, of course, Sting’s. If all he did was some thank you’s and the retirement announcement, it lands here. But, he did that and more, and delivered a pretty solid headliner speech. Not the best ever, but pretty good. And one has to wonder, with the donning of the shades and grabbing of the bat, with his closing remarks set as “it’s not good bye, it’s just see you later”, is he foreshadowing an appearance on the big stage on Sunday?

Not Best Speech of the night:

I can’t, on Hall of Fame night, call one worst. But some might not be so well enjoyed. I liked the Freebirds-at times. but it went on for a while, and it was all over the place. I get it, they had a lot of people to call out and acknowledge, and I agree, the stories were funny too. I guess the message here is, I just wish it had been a but more structured, or less rambling. It seemed like they were ready to end it sooner than they did, but someone must have told them they had time to kill. Again…love the content, but wishing it was a bit tighter on the delivery. But, it is what it is.

Crowd Chants of the Night:


New Day rocks

Freebirds rock

You deserve it

John Cena sucksl


Thank you Sting

Star of the Night

Sting, and maybe this is the easy route because he was the headliner, but his speech was concise, heartfelt and enjoyable. And, considering he officially announced his retirement at the ceremony, he deserves getting this star of the night.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Snoop Dogg, dropping names on who he may or may not have gotten high with, including Cena himself. That’s gotta make Vince oh so happy.

Heartfelt moment of the night:

When Buddy Jack and Ray spoke, you could tell they were just being real, albeit out of their element to some extent. But moments like this are what makes the Hall of Fame ceremonies special.

Ditto for the daughter of Ray Traylor.

Botch of the night:

Flair, with a rambling induction speech, and almost said class of 19 something. And, the speech was winged, and all over the map…with too little about Sting and more about Flair and his own things.

Lines of the night:

My unit is well oiled

Freebirds need oxygen

It’s a family show, so we are kinda restricted on stories

We’re two of the greatest, but we’re both 0 for 4

LOL Moment of the night:

New Day’s speech kicking off the induction of the Freebirds

Noteworthy Moment:

Call me crazy, but when WWE did the legacy inductees…I had no idea Lou Thesz had not been previously inducted? Seriously? I mean, Steve Austin, a man who did a move made famous by Thesz, was already inducted…so it just seems so backwards that Thesz just went in tonight, and in a sort of under the radar way.

Overall gripes:

It’s the Hall of Fame, so there really aren’t lowlights, right? But the one thing having the WWE Network does, is allows us to watch this in it’s unedited entirety. There’s something to be said for the special we got, pre-Network, that was edited down to size. I mean, it was nearly four hours tonight-over that, if you factor in the pre-show. That, my friends, is a long show. I know they give people a set time to speak, give or take a few, but man oh man does it just run long. But, with that length comes some great stories, so you take the good with the bad.

Overall highlights:

This will get the big “duh”, but the speeches, both of the induction variety and those of the actual inductees. This is why we tune in and watch for 4 hours. It takes us down memory lane. And, not just the speeches, but the faces in the crowd too.

The APA reunion. And the back and forth between JBL and Ron, it was great. It was on point. And it was timely.

Cena with the nice speech for Snoop Dogg, though also getting his usual crowd responses. I believe at one time he stepped away from the podium and said to Stephanie something about the fans needing to make up their mind. It was uniquely a moment that you only get at this ceremony.

All in all, not a bad ceremony. Not as great as past years, but I’d already mentioned that elsewhere. It was likely better than I had expected, but again, it still, in my mind, was not on par with prior classes, either.

Nevertheless, congrats to the entire Class of 2016!



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  • PlanoStu

    Thinking about Stings end of speech comment, it seems a certainty that Sting will cost the Undertaker his match, which will undoubtedly, despite his retirement, result in the match next WM.

  • josh

    I have to agree with this.

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