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WWE Battleground 2016: Favorites To Win

WWE Battleground
The betting odds are starting to come in for Battleground, but it’s still too soon to make the safe bet. That will come in the final 60 minutes before the event begins. With days to go, here are my early favorites to leave Battleground as victors.
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  • Mike

    I think that sasha may just pick Bayley you know. Also what about the Ic and us title matches ? I think the winners on the night will be
    Sasha and her partner( easy one to call, sasha pins Charlotte and gets her title
    Shot at summerslam)
    Darren Young (real toss up, but I think wwe are ready to pull the trigger here )
    Rusev(part of me thinks if young does win then maybe Ryder will too so raw doesn’t have both mid card titles, but i doubt it )
    The new day (toss up again, would of chose wyatts, but they’ve split now well at least strowman has, maybe he decides he doesn’t need to follow bray anymore.)
    Cena enzo and cass ( could go either way, and while I don’t see the club fully turning on styles. I think the faces win here, and styles and cena go onto to face each other one on one at summerslam.)
    Usos over breezeango, nothing to add.
    Becky over nattie ( again could go either way, but I see Becky getting a big win)
    Dean ambrose ( I doubt reigns wins, and I think that Deano is a good champion and it’s only early in his reign, Rollins doesn’t need to win, between when he was champ before and then still having a claim due to never losing it while injured and then winning it back off reigns, Rollins has just been almost Hogging that title in a way, ambrose wins and I think we see Rollins v reigns at summerslam and ambrose could then defend against someone on smackdown, like bray wyatt.)

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