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WWE Should Consider An Attitude Adjustment

No, I don’t want WWE to take a John Cena finisher.

What I do want, is WWE to reflect on it’s prior success. Specifically, the Attitude Era.

And, instead of bringing back the nostalgia acts, I want those involved to look back and remember what made those nostalgia acts so successful. Specifically, the Attitude. The freedom to be who they needed to be. To be more edgy. More politically incorrect. More irreverent.

It sounds simple, though I acknowledge that it may not actually be so simple. Especially when you consider that kids are a huge target audience, so a PG or cleaner show makes sense. And also because WWE was not a publicly traded entity during that time, so there weren’t shareholders to answer to. And of course, there is nothing resembling competition, so the incentive is gone. The Attitude Era happened, in large part, out of necessity. Having WCW thump them in the ratings game required WWE to do things that they weren’t previously doing. Vince had to get wild and crazy and think outside of the box. But without being pushed by another promotion, why would he now?

The only incentive I can give him? Network subscriptions and ratings. OK, fine, so that’s a two part answer really, but it still stands.

I firmly believe if WWE allowed some of the wrestlers to be themselves, to be less scripted, things could improve. That doesn’t mean I expect that, on the current roster, there are guys like the Attitude Era mainstays. But there may be some really sharp guys within the company already, who are just being held back. There may not be a Rock hiding in plain sight, or a DX just waiting to be un-cuffed. But there are some talent folks on the roster, so anything is possible.

I think, instead of happily running out aging Attitude Era stars for a cheap pop, WWE needs to go back and give the current roster an Attitude Adjustment all it’s own. I think to do so would almost instantly make fans and wrestlers alike very happy.

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  • jcice13

    first of all I thin there are plenty of guys that can do an attitude era character well, but it won’t happen, they’re now the corporate WWE, there’s no competition to push them to change and like you said the kids are the selling point..also the PC thing..too many negatives for Vince to chance a dramatic change

  • MikeLo #NewNation

    They just need to show a little bit of Ruthless Aggression

    • Buss da 6’1

      And hla

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I don’t necessarily think that the product needs to stop being family friendly for it to be better. I just think Vince and Creative need to stop micromanaging every minute little detail, especially when they’re trying to push talents. But of course, with Vince, that would mean allowing room for successful things and people WWE that he himself didn’t create, which just isn’t his style.

  • Brett in MN

    As I always say about Micromanagers: If you take a close look, you see they’re always so busy worrying about what others are doing and trying to control it because there are aspects of their own jobs they don’t want to do. Either that or they’re narcissistic control freaks who won’t accept anything less than complete adoration and control of their world. I leave it to you to decide which of these describes Vince McMahon.

    My last boss was the latter. He had a stroke last spring from the stress and was forced to retire. I fully expect that to be Vince’s fate.

  • Warren Roby

    For what reason do the WWE have to change there current direction?
    The attitude era cane along because of WCW and the way they were producing there show.
    What has the WWE got to be worried about right now? TNA? GFW? ROH? NJPW?
    None of these are close to the WWE.

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