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Has WWE Creative Dropped The Divas Revolution Ball?

We have seen a flurry of activity as it relates to the Divas Revolution since the NXT women (Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky Lynch) burst onto the main roster scene on the July 13th edition of Monday Night RAW. Factions were formed, Divas were given more airtime, Nattie was brought into the mix, and Charlotte was crowned Divas Champ at the Night of Champions (NOC) pay-per-view (PPV) … then things just fizzled. The women themselves (even the Bellas) have all stepped it up a notch. Sure, they are getting more airtime for matches, which is incredible, and they are using this time to showcase their talents … but without compelling storylines, the audience will find it hard to relate to these female superstars.

Post-debut, the WWE Universe was introduced to the three-woman stables, we then had a minor program where Charlotte was in the title picture, trying to dethrone Nikki before her record reign hit, where she was eventually successful at NOC. In the midst of all this, Paige turned heel … no wait, she didn’t … she was just frustrated … no, yes, she’s heel now, sorry nothing … wait! Confusing much?  And in the mix of all that, Natalya returns … no wait … she’s actually out? Where is Nattie now?

WWE Creative seems more than a bit flip floppy when it comes to the Divas division. Which is sad, because they hold a major component (and I’ve said this before) to ensuring the success of the division. We have the talent, the talent has now been given the airtime, the superstars have an audience that wants to see them wrestle and succeed. So what’s the hold up? Now more than ever, it’s time for WWE Creative to get their act together.

And I’m simply just a long time wrestling fan, still, if I could (or would) do things any different, it probably would have gone like this: end Charlotte’s program with the Bellas at Hell in a Cell (HIAC), have Paige then turn heel (either at the HIAC PPV or next night on RAW), give Paige her pipebomb promo, begin a program where Nattie joins Charlotte and Lynch, but where Paige’s opponent (focus/ target) is Charlotte and her WWE Divas Championship. The flow of this is easy; most times it is done with the men, why is there so much activity and indecisiveness around the Divas? It really should be cut and dry, with a clear focus on a beginning, middle, and an end? It is classic storytelling at its best, and WWE Creative is not dropping the ball on this … the ball is already on floor, bouncing away. To be quite frank, I love all the Divas. I love the way the new division is forming, I hate the fact they don’t have any interesting storylines. I loved Paige’s pipebomb, but what was the reasoning behind the wishy-washiness of her turning heel? She seemingly removed herself from PCB, had hateful words for Charlotte and Becky – and then had her sights set on Nattie – but ended up going back to the faction, only to turn on them again. Paige the WWE persona deserved better than that; and Paige the WWE superstar deserves better than that.

And then, on the other side of the division, we have Team B.A.D. Much like Nattie, they seem to be an afterthought in all this, when fans so clearly want them to be part of the action. Does WWE Creative not hear the fans chanting ‘We Want Sasha’? Have they never seen a tape of what she had done in NXT? Alas, Sasha and Team B.A.D. wait on the sidelines …

How could you use Team B.A.D.? A solid feud with the Bellas, dissension between this faction, with one of them jumping ship and joining Paige. There has also been some talk of having Sasha join The New Day; but if this happens, I’d hate to see her solely in a managerial role, as she has incredible talents in the ring. Regardless, without solid programs, the divas division is going to continue to spiral, and will never fully evolve when it comes to the main roster.

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  • Michael King

    Naomi should be Champ

    • Joseph Lisnow

      Sasha Banks > Naomi

      • Michael King

        They on the same level to me

        • Izo

          “To me”

          • Michael King


          • Michael King

            What you talking about?

      • Hillary Porterie Jr

        No Naomi isn’t on Sasha’s level, but here’s a newsflash NO ONE IS. Not Paige, Not Nattie, Not Becky Lynch, Not Charlotte, DEFINATELY NOT ANYONE NAMED BELLA!. Sasha Banks has the potential to be the female Rock…the biggest start Women’s Wrestling has seen since Trish Stratus.

    • Hillary Porterie Jr

      Naomi has been screwed since she walked in the company. Brodus Clay went on busted open radio a few weeks ago and put the final nail in her casket when he said what everyone already knew…..That Funkasaurs and Funkadactlys gimmick was probably the worst gimmick WWE has done since 1994. You can’t survive that kinda start…especially when you get stuck there for 18 months.

      • Michael King

        She still deserves to be champ though.

      • Someguy

        Funk is on a roll.:P

  • Jon Harris

    the fans don’t want team bad but they want sasha banks period and the fans do not care about tamina or naomi at all and all they want is paige and sasha banks

  • Jon Harris

    paige is the most over diva right now and sasha banks is a very close second and i want ot see a banks vs paige feud for the divas title

  • Starman

    Keeping Nikki Bella as champ until she broke AJ’s record derailed the revolution. Now we have a decent champ & challenger it will hopefully get back on track.

    • Hillary Porterie Jr

      It was never about the talent. To some extent there are 9-10 women talented enough to put on decent matches, if given the opportunity. Nikki Bella shouldn’t have kept the title past Extreme Rules when she lost three times to AJ, Paige and Naomi, in succession. Once she beat Naomi dirty (and Naomi was the heel) that pretty much ended her credibility as a legit babyface and the face of women’s wrestling. She basically used her merch selling power to interject herself into a feud that had nothing to do with her.

  • MEH

    Sasha Banks is best for business! They need to have her in the mix as relates to the divas division with her in the title picture. Charlotte is ok but I don’t feel her title reign will mean as much as it should. It’s time for the teams to break away unless there’s one last hoorah at Survivor Series and there’s a real divas elimination tag match not the likes in which we have seen previously. Am I the only one who loved Paige finally putting boots to team CB after the crappy storylines?

    • Hillary Porterie Jr

      Sasha’s very much in the mix. They NEED her on TV more. People don’t realize this but no woman in the history of wrestling has been protected more despite never winning a title. She hasn’t been pinned ONCE since she debuted on the Main Roster. NOT ONCE. Trust me she’s there. WWE only does that stuff to people they have huge plans for.

      • Hillary Porterie Jr

        It’s called the Roman Reigns treatment. LOL

  • Alejandro

    Like Jericho said on his podcast, Vince made the mistake of trying to push all of these women at the same time. It was solid at first but then it got boring seeing the same six-diva tag team matches or tag team matches every week on television. I don’t know how I would re-book this storyline. I assume they give Sasha the shot at the divas title after Paige and Charlotte finish their storyline because it sucks not seeing Sasha on tv these past couple of weeks.

  • YoMommasMan

    Let’s be honest the division will forever be in purgatory as long as the Bellas are involved in any way. The problem was you called up all of this amazing talent while still pushing Nikki. When they finally wrestled it was painfully obvious Nikki was out of her league and what did Vince do let his ego get in the way of business. No way in hell should Nikki have beaten AJ’s record. No way. Even after that she’s had more matches than Sasha which makes no sense. The best part of a Nikki Bella match is her intro

  • Joseph Lisnow

    I agree about Banks. WWE’s blowing it by not using her more often.

  • Brandon Wise

    It seems like the Diva’s division has turned a corner during the Charlotte/Paige..the next big step will be the feuds that are not directly associated with the actual title. That is how depth is created IMO

  • YoMommasMan

    Well said my friend

  • Fat Owens Fat

    The Bella Ho’s and the IWC’s Sasha Banks obsession derailed the Divas Revolution.

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