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Who The WWE Draft Helped

The WWE Draft was about six months ago and as promised, it shook up the company. These are the superstars who benefited the most from WWE again splitting the rosters up.

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    Helped Kevin get one of the belts, helped Becky get a short overdue run, helped put over Braun and move him up the chain, helped get rid of Finn for a while, and helped Miz get back on TV.

  • Mike

    How on earth is aj styles not on this list ?

    • lol because the draft didnt help him…The Phenomenal One helped The Phenomenal One

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ????

      Cause before the draft, he was already over with the fans.

      • Mike

        Yeah he was already over but since the draft he has beat cena clean become WWE champion. But if not aj then certainly Corbin should be included.

  • the only ones i agree with is Miz and Strauman…KO hasnt been pushed as their top champ or top heel since he got that title and since Reigns got the US title…he’s like the third important talent on the show he should be top…he is the top champ but they rather have Reigns as the top priority with the midcard title which he never defends against the midcard (which Raw doesnt even HAVE a midcard right now…)…JeriKO is all and good but its not really helping KO especially against Reigns

  • the draft shouldve never happen or at least happen at the beginning of this year…

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