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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013: Predicting the Final Two Participants

Chamber Preview

There are going to be six WWE superstars inside the Elimination Chamber for the opportunity to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 29.

With Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry all confirmed for the Elimination Chamber match, two spots still remain.

The remaining two participants must be former World Champions. As much as some people may be hoping to see a returning Christian, the two spots should belong to Jack Swagger and Kane.

With his tag team partner already scheduled in the match, it would only make sense for Kane to also be in the Elimination Chamber match. Although they are WWE Tag Team Champions, Kane and Bryan are two of the top WWE superstars in the company right now. Both are former World Champions.

During the Royal Rumble match this year, Bryan eliminated Kane. Moments later, Kane assisted Bryan getting eliminated as well. It would not be surprising to see the Team Hell No members cause one another to get eliminated on February 18th either.

Plus, if Kane was not in the Elimination Chamber match, but his partner was, what else would he do at the pay-per-view?


As for Jack Swagger, the Real American as he calls himself now, retuned with a vengeance recently. Regardless of the fact that his opponents have been low card superstars Kofi Kingston and Santino Marella, Swagger has a new attitude.

Swagger has been much more aggressive than he has ever been in his WWE career. Prior to returning, Swagger was on a major losing streak. He needed a new character or gimmick. Some were expecting him to return as a babyface.

However, Swagger has proven that he just needed time to refresh his character. He just needed to make some minor tweaks. Brilliant move by WWE to rename Swagger’s ankle lock the Patriot Act.

WWE needs to take advantage of the effective build they have begun with Swagger. He needs to be in the Elimination Chamber match along with Orton, Mysterio, Henry, Bryan and Kane.

Jack Swagger

Mark Henry was the first heel to be announced as a participant in the Elimination Chamber match. With Alberto Del Rio as the World Heavyweight Champion, it seems most likely that a heel will win the chamber match.

There is the possibility that Big Show defeats Del Rio for the title, but it is unlikely. Del Rio is being pushed as the next top Mexican babyface. He is also much more over with the WWE Universe as a face. Therefore, Swagger has a decent chance at winning.

Kane doesn’t have as much of a chance as he is could be considered more of a face than a heel.

Christian as a participant for the Elimination Chamber is understandable, but he hasn’t been seen in months. Unfortunately, Christian doesn’t deserve it nor does WWE seem to want to build him for this match.

WWE is building Swagger and Henry as two new major heels of the company. Add in that Bryan and Kane need to be on the card together and the Elimination Chamber match is set.

Mark Henry

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  • coolk

    What if jericho and swagger gets in, jericho could win and face ziggler who would cash in his mitb. I just do not see a heel winning this match let along a del rio vs henry match at mania for world title doesn’t look right with del rio keep fighting big men.

    • coolk

      As for kane, he has been losing lately and not been impressing, but I do see him getting bryan distracted and cost him the match.as for henry, they will all do finishing moves on him as they normally do when a big dude is in the chamber to eliminate him.

      • coolk

        One more thing how has christian not deserving and seen in months and neither has henry or swagger, henry was gone for 9 months and swagger been gone since september.u might as well say none of them deserve it.

        • Marvin

          Henry winning is more believable than Christian winning

          • http://www.facebook.com/alexander.fitzgerald.5 Alexander Fitzgerald

            Then if Henry is more believable Orton, Swagger, Bryan, and Rey shouldn’t be in the match right?

          • Marvin

            Who then should? When you look at the Match its only Henry and Orton that have a legit chance of winning it

  • http://twitter.com/thecobra256 Stacey John

    Christian doesn’t deserve ONE MORE MATCH?,I think he does.

    • http://twitter.com/sethgutt Seth Guttenplan

      He had plenty of matches

  • Chelsii

    Alberto Del Rio vs Jack Swagger for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 29; the most uninteresting and boring match of all the times.

    • CMmox

      Throw Ryback, Goldberg and Lashley there too! And Cena!! Hi Lisa!

    • http://twitter.com/sethgutt Seth Guttenplan

      Del Rio vs Henry?

  • Rishano

    CHRISTIAN NOT DESERVING TO BE IN THE CHAMBER?? Christian beat chris jericho at wrestlemania 20 and faced the rock, hulk hogan, undertaker, hbk and stone cold in the attitude era. christian has bin one of the most underrated superstars in wwe and you say that christian does not deserve to be in the elimination chamber??? what the hell is this guy talking about??

    • http://twitter.com/sethgutt Seth Guttenplan

      That was 9 years ago!

  • Victor82

    First, I think Christian deserves it. Second, I like Kane, he is my favourite superstar, but he doesn’t need to be in the chamber. He can cost Bryan the elimination without entering the ring. And I think Ziggler will cash in that night, and he will face the winner of the chamber (a babyface). Probably Orton…

    • http://twitter.com/sethgutt Seth Guttenplan

      if Kane isnt in the match, what will he do at the ppv?

  • DoingMaThing

    Is this guy on drugs? According to him, Christian doesnt deserve it because he hasnt been seen in months. We didnt see Mark Henry or Swagger in months so where’s your logic?

    Christian deserves to be in the chamber match and WIN IT!!!

    • Rishano

      yeah man i agree with you christian has faced every major superstarr hhh,hbk, cena, rock, jericho he deserves to win the chamber not bryan or del rio who has bin in the wwe for only 2 years

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexander.fitzgerald.5 Alexander Fitzgerald

    It would be nice to see Christian and Del Rio feud again going into Wrestlemania, they have had some great matches together and it would be interesting to see a heel Christian vs a face Del Rio this time around. Also your an idiot if you think Christian doesn’t deserve to be in the match all the other guys shouldn’t even be in the match then what has Orton done, Henry, Swagger, Mysterio, and Bry
    an done? Your statement is invalid :)

    • Marvin

      Christian might be in the Chamber but am saying he has absolutely no chance of winning it whether you like it or not

  • Suicide

    “low card superstars Kofi Kingston…” Think Kofi is more deserving plus I’d throw Barrett in there too but its only former world champs, so thats not gonna happen

  • Sean

    Noone can say the anyone doesn’t desreve a title shot yet cheer The Rock. And I say this as a long time Rock fan. Who did he beat to get the shot vs Punk? And I know I’m gonna get flack for this but it has to be said if it hasn’t already.