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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: 5 Real Losers

In wrestling there are winners and losers. At the Elimination Chamber pay per view on Sunday, there were losers in their respective match. There were also wrestlers who scored the victory, but they weren’t winners in the eyes of fans.

Take a gander at the 5 real losers from the 2017 Elimination Chamber. Feel free to drop some comments down below, unless the list is perfect and everyone agrees.

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  • Mike

    I don’t mind most of these. Immnot so sure about nattie and Nikki. However Corbin ? No way, he was beat out of the blue and it spared him taking a clean loss, then he destroyed ambrose. He came out looking good. I think he and ambrose are future WWE champions. Maybe Corbin wins the title which sees dean go back into The title picture with bray or Orton or whoever else may be in the match and alongside styles.

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