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WWE Extreme Rules 2016: Post-Questions

WWE Extreme Rules
Several days ago, the WWE produced another installment of Extreme Rules. Now that RAW and (taped) SmackDown have played out after the pay per view, it’s time to focus on five questions that need answers.

If you missed it, WrestleNewz has Extreme Rules play by play coverage.

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  • Mike

    How is gallows and andersons buzz over already? That’s another strange thing to say. They just destroyed the usos at extreme rules in a great match and now they’ve split from styles. Styles lost to Owens on raw and i see aj losing a few more times, then the club will say how he can’t do it without them.

    • Si Nicholls

      I agree the Styles/Bullet Club story is only 40% done
      Also why would Natti leave, she has been putting over other women for years, its what she does and she does it well
      Lethal Lockdown only works when there are more than 2 wrestlers in there and they can actually go extreme
      I don’t think you can separate the 4 men in the IC match, even Miz has stepped up his game
      If Styles wins MITB (after getting himself into the match) then we know how high Vince is on him

      • Mike

        Agreed. the concept is similar to lethal lockdown I guess. But the whole 5 on 5 and you can’t pin until everyone is out is ridiculous. I think the miz was a very good part of that match. I wouldn’t want to pick a star from that match. They were all fantastic. The same goes for reigns and styles and ambrose and y2j. You need your opponent if you’re going to have a great match, sure some guys can elevate others and make them look better. But those types of matches are just good at most. For a very good or great match you need all participants bringing it. I don’t think styles gets into the mitb match. Why would he get another chance? I see some kind of tag match, maybe styles and Balor v Anderson and gallows and then Balor turns on him.
        Another option for them is Balor debuts before attacks styles, becomes the leader and has a one on one match with styles. I like the second one.

        • Si Nicholls

          The 2nd one is good, and that match would blow the roof off, also looking forward to Styles V’s Seth at some point

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