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WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Staff Predictions

WWE Extreme Rules
It’s almost the end of May and Extreme Rules is finally upon us.

Eight matches have been booked for the show and we here at Wrestlenewz felt the urge to predict the card, like every other wrestling fan. We gave it our best attempt and here’s what the staff came up with.

Don’t forget to add your own predictions in our comments section. Let’s see if anyone correctly predicts all nine matches.

Payback play by play coverage is being handled by WrestleNewz and it begins at around 7 PM EST. We’ll also have the fallout, so stay tuned.

And of course, add your winners for tonight in our comments section.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules Match: Roman Reigns vs. AJ Styles

Dorathy: Styles. I’m going to go out on a limb here, and predicting Styles. It will probably be Reigns, but with his overwhelming boos on Monday Night RAW, SmackDown, and PPVs; maybe the WWE brass will make a big call.

Joe: Roman Reigns. One day AJ Styles will be WWE Champion. It’s just not two months into Reigns’ WrestleMania win.

John: Everyone in the IWC wants a new champion. Most of the WWE Universe do, too. But part of what drives this, I am sure, is when Rollins comes back. WWE is in a position where they like continuity in their champions. Think about it, the most recent belt to change hands is the Intercontinental, followed by the WWE World Championship. The Women’s, United States and Tag Titles have all been around those waists for a while. So if Rollins is returning soon, and he is to get his championship back, WWE has to ask, who does he beat for it, and how long should he have had the title. And right now, I think Reigns retains.

Submission Match for the WWE Women’s Title: Charlotte vs. Natalya
Ric Flair is banned from ringside

Dorathy: Charlotte. With Ric Flair not by her side, I think she’s finally going to prove to the WWE Universe, that she can win a match on her own.

Joe: Charlotte. No chance for Natalya. This is only to help build Charlotte’s career.

John: As much as I want to see Natalya win, I think the only way that happens is by way of DQ. And even though Ric is banned from ringside, I wouldn’t put it past a Flair to have a plan B. She loses the title on DQ, if Ric runs down. Didn’t say anything about anyone else…Either way, Charlotte retains.

WWE United States Title Match: Kalisto vs. Rusev

Dorathy: Kalisto. It would make sense for Rusev to win on all levels, but it seems that Kalisto is being pushed hard; and this is just another big man, that Kalisto will overcome.

Joe: Rusev. I like the new aggression out of Rusev. He looks to be back in the title hunt and a worthy competitive.

John: I can’t say I’ve loved Kalisto’s reign, but it was better than I expected it to be. That being said, it’s time for a monster to crush him, and I guess that monster is Rusev. I see Rusev winning, and it wouldn’t surprise me if this one gets booked as a squash.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: New Day vs. The Vaudevillains

Dorathy: The Vaudevillians. As The New Day has held those tag team titles for 270+ days, it may be time to stir things up a bit, and crown new tag champs. The New Day is well over, they don’t need the title to validate their stance within the tag team division, and losing the title may launch an extended program between these two teams.

Joe: New Day. I’m going this way because I think Enzo gets involved. The Vaudevillains will be champions soon enough.

John: This one is making me nervous. A few weeks ago? I thought English and Gotch would not be a serious threat. Now? I think there’s a strong chance they walk out of Newark holding the gold. New Day has had an impressive second run, and I can see many more in them, if things work out. But it might be time for a new pair of champs. I’m still calling this one for New Day, but it’s basically a coin flip.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: The Miz vs. Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

Dorathy: Sami Zayn. This really could go any which way, with all four strong contenders to walk away champ; but I’m going with Zayn.


John: This one is quite possibly the show stealer, right? Right. So who wins? Anyone but Miz! Seriously though, I am surprised as I thought there’d be a lot of love toward Cesaro, but Zayn is really getting a lot of people pushing for his first title. I am on board with that idea, too. But honestly, anyone but Miz works for me.

Asylum Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

Dorathy: Y2J. This may sound crazy, but I think the WWE is going to pull a 180 here. The match is somewhat named after Ambrose, he came up with the concept (so to speak), so to gain further heat, Jericho will win; and then taunt Ambrose with it on RAW after the PPV.

Joe: Chris Jericho. Really a guess. It doesn’t matter who wins here as long as Dean Ambrose gets over. If Jericho is taking a break, he should win.

John: Considering that like, a month ago, Jericho had tweeted that he was done, who knows what to expect. But considering this is Ambrose’s match, I wonder if they treat this one like Hell in a Cell was for Undertaker. I don’t see Ambrose losing his first Asylum match.

Texas Tornado Match: The Usos vs. Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

Dorathy: The Club. The Club needs to be positioned a force to reckoned with, and a win at Extreme Rules would do just that.

Joe: The Club. It only makes sense for them to win. They’re still new to the WWE roster and need to be seen as a threat.

John: No one really wants to see Jimmy and Jey win, right? And considering the main event, I fully expect this one to somehow eliminate both Usos, so that the deck would be even further stacked against Reigns. So, it’s the Club for the win.

No DQ: Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler

Dorathy: Baron Corbin. I think this feud in general is all about pushing Corbin over on the main roster.

Joe: Dolph Ziggler. I think Baron Corbin’s push is over. I don’t know why. Ziggler really needs a win anyway.

John: Ziggler will put up a good fight, but in the end it just won’t be enough. It’s sad to say it, but Ziggler will have gone from a main event stud to an opening match warmup act in such a short span, and I don’t know that that ever changes. Corbin for the win here, decisively.

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  • Si Nicholls

    The only 2 titles I see changing hands are the IC (Owen’s to win hopefully) and US titles (Rusev to squash the mosquito hopefully), Ambrose to win Lethal Lockdown, The Club to beat the Uso’s and I have no interest for some reason in Ziggler/Corbin so for 1 I’m glad its on the pre-show

  • Mike

    Joe didn’t fancy a prediction for he ic title match then? My picks
    Ic title match: cesaro
    Us title: rusev
    Asylum: ambrose
    Wwe title match: reigns
    Usos vs club: club
    Corbin v ziggler: Corbin in dominating fashion
    Tag team titles: new day
    Women’s title: Charlotte.

  • jcice13

    The Club
    New Day

    what’s the 9th match???

  • Trace Harston Hanner

    Since when is it a Texas Tornado match?

  • jcice13

    so when do I start my new position at the company?? 8-0

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