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WWE Fastlane: Favorites To Lose

WWE Fastlane
The betting odds are starting to come in for Fastlane , but it’s still too soon to make the safe bet. That will come in the final 60 minutes before the event begins. With days to go, here are my early favorites to leave Fastlane as losers.
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  • Lisa

    One person who has a ZERO chance of winning is Dean Ambrose. There’s absolutely no chance in hell of Ambrose coming out on to in that triple threat. It makes me wonder why he was included in the first place.

    • biz

      The way things are going, I could see them making the wwe title match triple threat with dean roman and hunter. But the real reason he is in there is so reigns can win without pinning Brock.

      • Lisa

        Ambrose is simply not main event material. Period.

  • Lemmy Is God

    I didn’t know you could lose a match when you’re not even in one….and why would they waste a tlc match or any big tag team title at fastlane when wm32 is right around the corner

  • That boy Alejandro

    I really hope the dean ambrose and brock lesnar angle continues i would love to see the match at wrestlemania. I don’t see the new day losing. I see the new day vs the usos vs the dudleyz in a triple threat match at wrestlemania.

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