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WWE Fastlane: Favorites To Win

WWE Fastlane
The betting odds are starting to come in for the Royal Rumble, but it’s still too soon to make the safe bet. That will come in the final 60 minutes before the event begins. With days to go, here are my early favorites to leave the Royal Rumble as victor(s).
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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    Ziggler FTW

  • BooGonk

    Now is not the time to break up the Wyatts. Soon, but not yet. They’ll win, but barely. Summerslam is where I see the dissolve. Then by the Rumble next year, Bray can beat Rollins for the title. Lots of convoluted heel/face turns between the rest of the family between the 2 events, but Bray goes in as heel and kills it at WM33.

  • Mean Dean

    If reigns makes it to the main event of wrestlemania, it’s almost guaranteed that many will leave the stadium as the match starts, and not because of HHH ….

  • Mike

    I wouldn’t even think about breaking up the wyatts, not for a long time. Why do fans always want to see a good thing broken up. Keep them together. Strowman gets his push, bray can get to the wwe title and with the family behind him appear unbeatable. Harper and Rowen can enter the tag division go for the titles. I think the wyatts win and they make strowman look strong. Owens retains, I get why he won the title, to Make dean a believable winner. Honestly yeah, I believe it more now than I did then they he would win. However I still think reigns pulls it out, Bray to screw lesnar. Kalisto to retain, although I worry about Adr, he came in and beat cena, he is getting lost in the League of Nations stuff now. The groups gone no where, it only worked while sheamus was champ, now I’d say they either push them again or just allow one or two of them
    To turn face and break it up.

  • MEH

    Wyatts NEED to be together for a while yet.

    League of Nations NEED to be eradicated!

  • The Shockmaster

    It’s not too late for WWE to pull the pin on Reigns.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i think it’s too late. too much time and money spent. 12 months ago was the deadline.

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