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WWE Hall Of Fame: Deserving Names

WWE Hall of Fame
With WWE confirming the likes of Sting, Godfather and the Freebirds for the 2016 Hall of Fame means only a few spots are left. Some names have been rumored and then there’s been no talk of others. This list is about those names not likely joining the 2016 class, though they should be there.
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  • Ace Bowers


  • Thomas Øksne Elverhøi

    Hart foundation and the british bulldogs should also get inducted

    • Joseph Lisnow

      owen first.

  • Lee Roggenburg

    Plenty of deserving names that are not in:

    Those that have wrestled a lot for WWE in the past:

    Don Leo Jonathan, Bulldog Brower, Johnny Valentine
    The Guerrero Family – how is Eddie the only one in the Hall?

    Since being in the WWE is not a pre-requisite:

    Lou Thesz – family probably not interested
    Giant Baba – also probably not interested
    Jaguar Yokota – easily the best female wrestler of all time
    Ricki Starr – besides Antonino Rocca maybe the most unique in-ring performer the business has ever had
    Ray Stevens – if Bockwinkle is in how isn’t he?
    Rock N’ Roll Express – is there any doubt that they were to faces what the Road warriors were to heels?
    Bruiser Brody – rarely worked for WWE but with Dallas as the location, why not?

  • biz

    In my personal opinion, the biggest name not in the hall of fame would be none other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Dude is the reason wrestling is what it is today. Sadly, he won’t go in as long as he makes those decision on who gets in.

  • TheMAG

    You forget Chris Benoit. One time world champion,1 day WCW champion,royal rumble winner and one of the best technical wrestlers.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      think wwe will ever let him in? maybe 50 years from now?

      • TheMAG

        By then nobody remembers him and probably the whole lot of us who grew up watching him are dead.

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