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WWE May Be PG: But Network Programs Are Anything But

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When I was a young girl, I would count the days down until Saturday: after all, it meant back-to-back wrestling, and the anticipation of getting to watch all my favorite superstars, across the differing spectrum of promotions. Back then, the world of television was so limiting when it came to cable … so Saturdays were a big day for a wrestling fan.

Nowadays, I tell my girls how lucky they are. I mean, really wrestling is on a lot in my house as it is, but between RAW, SmackDown, and NXT (not to mention the fact that they can catch clips on YouTube, and The WWE Network and they app); they have it pretty easy. And as much as they rae budding little fans, the anticipation is there, really only for the pay-per-views (PPV). Did I mention I also had to walk six miles in cold, weathering Canadian winters to get to school? I digress …

Speaking of the Network, it being PG friendly (during the day), the channel (The Network is a channel versus stream in Canada) is on for a good chunk of time while we are in the house, and I never feel any worries about it; until after 9 p.m. that is.

It’s donned on me, in a good way, just how edgy the WWE is getting on the Network, after I saw two lady bugs in some let’s say heated action (let’s say they were ‘mating’) in a Network commercial to promote some new programming. Not sure if its something targeted to just Canadian subscribers – or if anyone else on the site has seen it; but it was hilarious, and certainly caught my attention.

Speaking of Canucks, anyone else addicted to the Edge and Christian show? It started off with a bang, and just keeps on getting better and better; and edgier, and edgier. With sexual innuendos flying, making fun of ‘Marks’, WWE brass is always a target (Mullet Club, anyone?), Bailey beating up Tommy Dreamer, not to mention the F-bomb being dropped (but bleeped) all over the place. They totally cross the line, on so many different levels; and its why the show is so funny, successful, and watchable.

And then there’s Camp WWE. While my kids are begging to watch this show, there is no way that’ll be happening anytime soon; but I sure can’t wait to dive into it. (Still need binge-watch that one, it’s been a bit busy over here). But just based on the commercials, it more than seems like a unique program, that will not only make light of all the different characters within the WWE; but also the brand in itself.

Still, I guess my point is, in an era where programming within WWE televised programs needs to be PG, it’s nice that the WWE has found a niche to satisfy its adult fans. It’s innovative programming like this that makes a fan like me happy to subscribe to the Network, and feeling like I’m getting my money’s worth.

WNZ fans, how to you feel about the edgier programs on the WWE Network? Let’s discuss, shall we?

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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Camp WWE isn’t as good as I thought it would be

    • Joshua Daniel Cooke

      It would’ve been perfect if everyone dubbed own voices. Takes away the authenticity

      • Z….

        I dont know about that. I recently saw the 1st episode online, and I thought it was amazing. At first, I was disappointed that all the characters werent themselves, but as the 1st episode went on, I liked it more that only Vince, Flair, and possibly Sgt. Slaughter and Big Show? were themselves, while the rest were kids.I thought that made it a lot funnier b/c the interactions between the kid characters and Vince and Flair was hilarious

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Naw Dorathy let’s address the elephant in the room ????????????????????????? Yo boy BumMan on the sauce !!!!!!!!!!

    • Dorathy

      Yikes! I know. VERY disappointing.

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