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WWE Money In The Bank 2016 Staff Predictions

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It’s nearing the end of June and Money in the Bank is finally upon us.

10 matches have been booked for the show and we here at Wrestlenewz felt the urge to predict the card, like every other wrestling fan. We gave it our best attempt and here’s what the staff (minus Dorathy, who will be back before the PPV) came up with.

Don’t forget to add your own predictions in our comments section. Let’s see if anyone correctly predicts all 10 matches.

Money in the Bank play by play coverage is being handled by WrestleNewz and it begins at around 7 PM EST. We’ll also have the fallout, so stay tuned.

And of course, add your winners for tonight in our comments section.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins

Joe: Roman Reigns. It’s only because WWE is trying to make this a major run as Reigns is coming off a win against Triple H at WrestleMania. Otherwise, Seth Rollins would score the title.

John: The fans want Rollins to win. I want Rollins to win. Which means Reigns will retain. That’s how this one has gone, right? Every time the fans have wanted to see less of Reigns, we’ve been force-fed him. Sunday won’t be any different, I’m afraid.

WWE United States Championship: Rusev vs. Titus O’Neil

Joe: Rusev. Seeing Titus O’Neil in the title picture is a nice surprise. Rusev just won the belt and this match is about Rusev rebuilding his stock after a forgettable past 12 months.

John: This one is an interesting one to me. On one hand, recently off his suspension, Titus finds himself in his most prominent singles push of his career. On the other hand, if Vince is still sore, this could be a major tease for poor Titus. I would love to see O’Neill get the win, but I feel that Rusev will retain.

WWE Tag Team Championship: New Day vs. The Club vs. Enzo & Cass vs. The Vaudevillains

Joe: New Day. At some point, The Club will take the tag titles. It might be in month or tomorrow’s RAW, but New Day can pick up a win by pining one of the other teams (likely The Vaudevillains).

John: The odds are stacked against New Day retaining, but i am feeling strongly that they will. They are going against some stiff competition, but I have a hunch that the NXT call ups cancel each other out, and a certain trombone helps take care of Gallows and Anderson.So, New Day gets a little bit closer to breaking a record.

Money In The Bank Ladder Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Sami Zayn vs. Cesaro vs. Chris Jericho

Joe: Dean Ambrose. Everyone is a great pick and there was no clear favorite before RAW. The segment with the Shield shows how Ambrose will soon be involved with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns.

John: This one is exciting, and I have the highest hopes for it out of the entire card. Why? Because this has become, for me, what the Rumble used to be. Lately, the winner of the Rumble has been too predictable. Not so much the Money in the Bank match. My one complaint about MITB is that lately, it’s been heel heavy, but I have a feeling that continues this year. I thought we might see Del Rio win it, but I am now favoring Owens.

AJ Styles vs. John Cena

Joe: AJ Styles. For this heel run to work, Styles must defeat John Cena. Even with no title on the line, Styles getting the three count would be the biggest win of his WWE career; if not life.

John: This is the match, outside of the ladder match, with the highest expectations. I have enjoyed the buildup, honestly, but I think this one will be a tease.I think it ends with outside interference, to be honest, and I think we get to see a lot more of these two. Calling this one ending with a win, by DQ, for Cena.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke vs. Natalya and Becky Lynch

Joe: Natalya and Becky Lynch. I think the heels lose and Charlotte takes her anger out on Dana Brooke. This feud looks to be temporary.

John: This is a disappointing match because, well, the title isn’t on the line. Both Natty and Becky have been on the losing end a lot, however, and because the title isn’t on the line, I say our babyfaces get the win tonight.

Apollo Crews vs. Sheamus

Joe: Apollo Crews. This might be more of a wish as Crews desperately needs a win. Sheamus is already established as WWE Championship material, so it’s time to help others.

John: Sheamus is angry and hates the New Era. Crews could be one of the most athletic and dynamic guys to be called up in a while. I think it is a bad mix for Sheamus, so I am seeing a Crews win here.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Joe: Baron Corbin. If Dolph Ziggler wins, it means this feud continues. Let’s call this a failed attempt and move on to other storylines.

John: If things hold and this one isn’t actually on the pre-show, then they both win! But seriously, this feud needs a definitive win and closure, and right now either guy could use it because neither man is terribly relevant. Going with Corbin here, though i am not confident of it.

Golden Truth vs. Breezango

Joe: Breezango. I feel like we’ve seen this match, or a similar format, on TV for free. The Breezango team could make a run of the titles, so they get the nod.

John: This one? I have to think most fans just want to see it go away. In terms of old school versus New Era, if we think the new guys should win, then Breezango should get the W here. But honestly. if this ended in a double DQ and the feud just died? That would be fine too.

Lucha Dragons vs. Dudley Boyz

Joe: Lucha Dragons. When the Dudley Boyz returned, we all thought they would be right atop the tag division. That hasn’t been the case and they’re almost jobbers.

John: This one is a pure filler match as far as I can tell. On size and accomplishments alone, this should be a squash with Bubba and Devon destroying the Dragons. However, lately, WWE has been using the brothers as enhancement talents at best, so I figure the Dragons are going to wind up winning somehow.

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  • Mike

    I’d like to make some
    Predictions too.

    Mitb match: ambrose. He is for my money the clear favourite. With Owens the next likeliest
    Us title match: rusev no more needed to be said.
    Tag title match: so tough to call. It’s going to come down to either the new day or the club. I’m calling a win for the club and new champs.
    Cena v styles: obviously I’m A massive fan of cena, as i am of styles, styles wins or we get a no finish, I’m going for a styles win and a debut of a new club member(maybe Balor) to assist him in getting the heelish win after 20-30 minutes of a fantastic match.
    Corbin v Dolph: Corbin for sure
    Crews v sheamus: I see a few matches between these two. With that being said I’m going to go for sheamus to win the first one and assume he has pushed the rookie down, only to be proven wrong in the coming weeks.
    Breezango v golden truth: golden truth, they waited MOnths to pair them, they’ll finally get the better of the stupid team that is breezeango, golden truth are entertaining, no doubt about it.
    Reigns v Rollins; not straight forward, but I’ll go for Roman, maybe am rose cashes in to walk away as champion and force a triple threat shield fued Over the title, but I don’t think we see that yet.
    Divas tag match: nattie and becky to win. Charlotte won’t turn on Dana yet, but we will see more cracks.
    Dudleys v dragons; I can’t see how anyone can tip the Lucha dragons they haven’t beaten anyone in months, to
    Me they look like splitting up and sin cara going heel . The Dudleys win in descicive fashion and sin cara turns on his partner.

  • Panama Stallion

    MITB Match: Dean Ambrose
    Tag Team Chopyacha: New Day
    Cena v. Styles: The Phenomenal AJ Styles through a Dusty finish leading to a Cage Match at Summerslam
    US Title: Rusev Putriya, Rusev Matchka, Lana’s asska!
    Corbin v Ziggler: Corbin, but his whole gimmick has been a bust
    Crews v. Sheamus: Crews and then gets knocked out by The Big Show
    Women’s Tag Team: Charlotte and Dana with Charlotte pinning Natty by stealing the pin from Dana (and Damn is Dana hot)
    Breezango v. Golden Truth: Breezango in a breeze but Tyler has been a total bust. No one cares about his gimmick at all.
    Lucha Dragons v. Dudley Boys: Nice to see Dudley’s paying it forward at the sunset of their careers…Lucha Lucha Lucha unless (and this is an entirely real possibility) Sin Cara gets injured.
    Reigns v. Rollins: Reigns spears Rollins, Reigns covers Rollins, Ambrose’s music hits, Reigns is stunned that his “brother” is trying to cash in and gets livid, he spears Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins fully recovered tosses Roman out of the ring and pins Dean for the title. New champion THE ARCHITECT. This leads to a “genuine” Shield v. Shield v. Shield match at Summerslam as Reigns will scream that he was never pinned.

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