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WWE Payback 2016: 5 Things That Will Happen

WWE Payback
Payback is this Sunday and the WWE looks to have most of the card complete. This is the time when we use our own knowledge of wrestling to predict some outcomes. Here are 5 things that will happen by the time Payback concludes.
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  • Mike

    Bret and ric are to fragile for any real
    Physical altercation. Also i think wwe should add sheamus vs rusev vs adr. Capatilise on the split on smackdown.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      like the triple threat idea. Why no Barrett?

      • Mike

        I’d like to see barret too. But they kicked
        Him out before they imploded. Also he hasn’t been seen since, maybe they tease a triple threat and then Shane comes Out and says there’s another member. Barrett comes Out to a great pop, probably the only face in the match.

        • PlanoStu

          Barrett is gone

          • Mike

            I was wondering about that, but we haven’t heard anything official.

          • PlanoStu

            He gave his notice a while back that he was leaving. He feels he has done nothing to stay for.

          • Mike

            I heard but it was never confirmed. That’s why I didn’t include him, but then Joseph asked.

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