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WWE Payback 2016 Staff Predictions

WWE Payback
It’s the start of May and Payback is finally upon us.

8 matches have been booked for the show and we here at WrestleNewz felt the urge to predict the card, like every other wrestling fan. We gave it our best attempt and here’s what the staff came up with.

Don’t forget to add your own predictions in our comments section. Let’s see if anyone correctly predicts all 8 matches. If that happens, let’s talk about a job.

Payback play by play coverage is being handled by WrestleNewz and the pay per view part begins at 8 PM EST. We’ll also have the fallout, so stay tuned.

Should be a fun, hectic, wild and uncertain three hours.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

Dorathy: Corbin. Seems like Ziggler is being used to help push over new NXT talent as of late; he needs a new role. Corbin has been looking strong, and this Payback win will help him move to the next level.

John: This is an interesting program. Ziggler needs a win, but there’s no point in putting the rookie down so soon. I think Dolph puts up a fight, and makes Corbin look good, with the Lone Wolf coming out on top when it’s all over.

Joe: Corbin. Dolph Ziggler is being fed to Corbin. Once Corbin’s push settles in a few months, this match will have the opposite outcome.

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens

Dorathy: Zayn. This is a hard one for me, and it really could go either way. Regardless, the match is going to incredible.

John: It’s heated. It’s personal. It’s not going to be concluded after one PPV match. I do believe we will get a double DQ or double count out, keeping the feud simmering.

And, that would be a good thing.

Joe: No contest or a finish where there’s no clear winner. These two have months of storylines left and they will meet in some brutal, spot-fest filled matches.

Kalisto vs. Ryback (United States Championship)

Dorathy: Ryback. I’m thinking Kalisto needs to be freed up for tag team action with Sin Cara. Really, at the end of the day, there hasn’t been much focus on the match, so I could care either way.

John: I think it’s finally time for the Big Guy to get a win, and another title run. Though I wouldn’t be stunned if he himself is just keeping the belt warm for someone else, down the road.

Joe: Kalisto. I don’t see any appeal in this WrestleMania 32 rematch; there wasn’t appeal the first time around. I don’t see WWE being high on Ryback at the moment, so no title change.

The Miz vs. Cesaro (Intercontinental Championship)

Dorathy: Cesaro. Wishful thinking or not, Cesaro deserves more taste of gold.

John: I am one hundred percent of the opinion Cesaro will defeat Miz at Payback, which I suppose begs the question: does he win the match but not the title? One way or the other, I say we see these two squaring off a bit more.

Joe: The Miz. It would be a great story for Cesaro to return from injury and claim the intercontinental championship. Somehow, Maryse will allow her husband to keep the belt; even if it involves a count out or disqualification.

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho

Dorathy: Ambrose all the way. Jericho just won at WM, and Ambrose needs to continue to look strong. I foresee “This Is Awesome” chants in this match’s future.

John: I see Ambrose getting back in the win column, but in such a way that a rematch at Extreme Rules just makes sense. I think these two could quietly put together amazing matches, so we shall see.

Joe: Dean Ambrose. I’ve been waiting for this dating back to October and was really hoping they would finally meet at WrestleMania. It took a little longer, but Chris Jericho will show why he’s one of the best teachers in the ring and Dean Ambrose will hopefully elevate his already popular career.

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  • jcice13

    picking is easy.just look at 5dimes’ odds and take the favorite


  • MEH

    Smart money is on Reigns walking out as champ, but I’m calling an upset right now.

    • jcice13

      get real.right now Cruz has a better chance of becoming president did you see the odds on reigns?

      • MEH

        Odds don’t mean crap on a scripted product. You may be right with the Cruz statement though, but let’s see when all’s said and done!

        • jcice13

          then you don’t know gambling. not trying to be offensive but it’s just that they aren’t going to put out lines to lose money…I have zero doubt Reigns keeps the belt tonight and where you have it wrong is that odds means very little in unscripted games, but here they speak volumes.as long as I have followed the betting lines at the off shore book that posts them there has been only one time when the big favorite didn’t win, just one, every other time 12 or 13 PPVs a year for at least 5 years every match that had a prohibitive favorite they won…..I won’t be surprised if Styles wins the belt tonight I’d be shocked…

          • MEH

            Lol if only you knew whether I know anything about gambling. Just last week during the Grand National horse racing here in the UK, the underdog 100/1 took the whole thing. I also wonder what the odds were when Brock beat Taker. But we will just have to agree to disagree on this one no harm done. I’m expecting Reigns to win and keep the title based on previous storylines the build, he’s “the guy” etc. However, I like to go against the grain sometimes especially if I see something that would make good business. Styles winning the title tonight does that. Will it happen? Highly unlikely, but I’m saying it will.

          • jcice13

            well like I told you odds in real sports are less meaningful than in wrestling and yes Brock was the only big underdog out of all the PPVs over the 5 years to win..and we are not in disagreement since you say you expect Reigns to win

    • Joseph Lisnow

      wwe needs a good upset

  • Robb Frymyer

    I agree with Dorothy that Reigns will beat AJ in the Women’s match as well.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Charolette and Nattie need to make Reigns look strong. Good call Dorathy

    • Dorathy

      LOL. Not sure where he disconnect on that one was, but for the record, my prediction was:

      Charlotte. And I think she’ll win on her own accord, to help strengthen her reign and character. Especially since Bret Hart’s role is to neutralize Ric Flair. I think Hart will handle The Naitch, and Charlotte will secure the win on her own.

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