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WWE Payback: Could-Would-Should

WWE World Heavyweight title
With WrestleMania very much in the rear view mirror, it’s full speed ahead for Payback. And with that mentality, we will jump right into things!

Kalisto versus Ryback, for the US Championship

How this could go: Like all other matches, Kalisto beats the odds to retain his belt.

How this should go: I like Kalisto, he’s fun to watch, but I can’t remember the last time I saw the belt be prominent on RAW with it around his waist. It’s time for Ryback, or someone else.

How I wish it would go: No major wishes here, but I do think Kalisto’s days with the belt are numbered.

The Miz versus Cesaro, for the Intercontinental Championship

How this could go: Miz could retain. Duh.

How this should go: Unless someone has concerns about the durability of Cesaro, I think it’s time to give WWE fans a champion they actually want to cheer for.

How I wish this would go: My wish is the same as how I think it should go, that being I do think Cesaro should swing that IC title right away from Miz.

Dean Ambrose versus Chris Jericho

How this could go: I am going to call this my first pick ’em. I have not eyeballed the betting lines (I’ve tried to avoid them lately). I think this one should be a very good match, but no feeling on who gets the win.

How this one should go: If I had to pick? I think Ambrose here. He’s the young star, he took the loss in Dallas, so he needs a win to get things going again (if you believe in those kinds of things).

How I wish this would go: My only wish is that this program is even close to the level I felt Jericho and Styles were at. If that’s what we get, then everyone wins.

 Enzo and Cass versus The Vaudevillains, to become #1 Contenders

How this could go: Another that legit could go either way. Each can make sense.

How this one should go: No, I am not rooting for Enzo and Cass to lose, but in my mind, this one makes great sense. Enzo and Cass: babyfaces. New Day: babyfaces. It’s not often we get face versus face, and we shouldn’t now. My expectation is that The Vaudevillains, perhaps with some outside help, knock Enzo and Cass down a peg.

How I wish this would go: As much as I wish Enzo and Cass would win (and I know lots of fans want it, so it would be hard to argue) I think getting the heels the win here makes the most sense. Especially if The Dudleys cost them the shot, and we get a program involving the upstarts versus the grizzled vets.

Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens

How this could go: Either one could win clean. But I’d be shocked if that were the case.

How this one should go: It’s a bitter, personal rivalry, one which many fans are only just getting to enjoy and appreciate. Translation? This one isn’t just ending after one match, and what better way to keep things going than a double DQ or some similar non-finish.

How I wish this would go: If it’s as personal as it’s being made out to be, then give us some blood, give us some “OH MY GOD” moments. And give these guys 15 to 20 minutes to show off.

Charlotte versus Natalya, for the Women’s Championship

How this could go: Neither corner man gets involved, the match has a clean ending, and everyone behaves.

How this one should go: OK, done laughing? I don’t think Charlotte is dropping this title anytime soon, unfortunately. I think we get a few moments to satisfy the nostalgia, but in the end Charlotte retains.

How I wish this one would go: I do wish Natty would win.  She deserves another title run, and I do enjoy seeing a Hart defeat a Flair. Though, I have a crazy feeling that this one somehow leads toward a mixed tag match, even if neither Bret nor Ric are in ring shape.

Dolph Ziggler versus Baron Corbin

How this could go: Ziggler reminds us all of how good he was, and how much he was pushed, not all that long ago. And yes, he gets the win.

How this one should go: I haven’t been too enamored with the big, bad Corbin, but considering they had him make his main roster debut at ‘Mania, by way of winning the Andre battle royal, and I think it’s safe to say his future is bright. Corbin for the win.

How I wish this one would go: Honestly, I’m not in a wishing mood for this one, beyond me hoping it’s not terrible.

Roman Reigns versus AJ Styles, for the WWE World Heavyweight title

How this could go: Reigns nails a Superman punch and pins Styles, with absolutely no interference.

How this should go: Odds are we have involvement from Gallows and Anderson. Or even the recently defeated Finn Balor. But in any case, I’m thinking this one ends in a DQ, unfortunately.

How I wish this one would go: Pulling for AJ here. Not that I am part of the growing anti-Roman sentiment-not that at all. But, it’s hard to ignore the fans, and I think Styles could be an engaging and popular choice, not too different from when Daniel Bryan or CM Punk was holding court.

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  • http://NUNAYSHON.com #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    Instead of just having GB turn on Styles I think the Usos should also turn on Reigns and all 4 jump Styles and Reigns (match is No Contest) then after they get beat down Balor comes out and introduces themselves as BulletProof (lol I really hope its not Balor Club) and on Raw the Usos explain that Reigns is a disrespectful Cena wannabe and he gave credit to The Rock for his career when they were the ones that helped him and had his back while Rocky was shooting movies and becoming a movie star…

    • BooGonk

      And I thought I had come up with every possible angle in my head.

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