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WWE Raw in a Nutshell: John Cena Is Superman, The Shield and Wyatt Family Brawl


Tonight’s episode of Raw took place in front of a hot crowd in Manchester, England and featured a total of ten matches (three handicap matches). Every time Raw is in England, you can expect at least one phenomenal match that will have the crowd standing on their feet from start to finish and that was the case with the main event, which featured the team of Daniel Bryan/CM Punk taking on The Shield. So, without further ado, here are the overall highs and lows from tonight’s episode of Raw:

Best Match: Despite a promising main event, the best match of the night was John Cena vs. The Real Americans in a handicap match. Cena and Cesaro worked really well with one another and Swagger was kind of just…there. Prior to Raw, at a live event, Cena put over Cesaro and said that he is undoubtedly a World Heavyweight champion in the making. Some of the highlights of the match were two outstanding uppercuts that Cesaro executed on Cena and a Float Over Power Bomb that Cena gave to Cesaro. Cena overcame the odds of the 2-on-1 handicap match and put forth another incredible performance. I know I’m going to get some heat about not choosing the main event as the best match of the night, but I was really disappointed with what I saw. Plus, the match ended early due to an interference from The Wyatt Family. The greatest highlight of the night was the showdown between The Shield/Wyatt Family/Daniel Bryan & CM Punk, but the best match of the night belongs to John Cena and co.

Crowd Chants of the Night: The English crowd was on fire with their chants throughout most of the night. Of course, they chanted “who are ya” when Vickie Guerrero came out to announce the opening match. During the opening match, the crowd chanted “let’s go Goldust”, “Randy’s boring”, “JBL”, “Michael Cole”, “Jerry” and “YES” after Big Show Choke Slammed Randy Orton through the announce table. During the Intercontinental Title match, the crowd chanted “Dolph Ziggler”. During the Divas match, the snarky Manchester crowd chanted “ECW” and “we want tables”. Unfortunately, there were no tables involved in the Divas match. After he saved John Cena from an Alberto Del Rio beat down, the crowd chanted Big E. Langston’s name. After doing the wave, the crowd chanted “we are awesome”.

Breakout Star of the Night: Although it may not be a popular decision, tonight’s breakout star of the night was Curtis Axel after retaining the Intercontinental Title and putting on a solid match against Dolph Ziggler. I would have loved to see Ziggler win the IC Title, but Axel needed to show the WWE Universe that he could win a match without Paul Heyman by his side. Axel is a great in-ring performer, but he has the charisma of cow.

Fan Sign of the Night: This is the part of the review where readers can comment on what their favorite crowd signs were. What were some cool, funny and clever signs that you saw during tonight’s episode of Raw?

Jobber of the Night: No surprise here, the jobber(s) of the night was 3MB after being embarrassed once again by Los Matadores, who had some help from Santino Marella as their tag team partner. Los Matadores and 3MB have been featured on Raw for about seven weeks in a row and each and every time, the men formerly known as Epico and Primo have defeated them with ease. When is this going to stop, WWE?

Upset of the Night: Without a doubt, R-Truth pinning Ryback fair and square in the middle of the ring was the upset of the night. Ryback dominated the entire match until the very end, where Truth dodged a charging Ryback and proceeded to roll him up for the win. R-Truth has always been a consistent competitor and it’s nice to see him get a big win over Ryback.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night: There were two holy sh** moments of the night. The first was Big Show attacking Randy Orton and Choke Slamming him through the announce table was the holy sh** moment of the night. To make the maneuver even more devastating, Show set up some steel ring steps and proceeded to climb them with Orton. Show lifted Orton above his head and executed a humongous Choke Slam that sent the English crowd into a frenzy of “YES” chants. The second was The Shield and The Wyatt Family brawling with each other in the middle of the ring. Both heel factions wanted to get their hands on Punk/Bryan and all hell broke loose. The crowd event chanted this is awesome until both stables worked together to attack the good guys.

Worst Match: The worst match of the night was Nikki Bella vs. Tamina Snuka, and man, was it bad. I’ve been very impressed with Brie in the ring, but Nikki, not so much. To make this short, AJ Lee got a cheap shot in on Nikki, which resulted in Tamina kicking her in the face and then hitting the most absurd and awful Super Fly Splash I have ever seen. When you do a splash, you’re supposed to land on your opponent’s stomach, not land on your feet and then fall on your opponent. This was a brutal match and not in a good way.

Logic Fail of the Night: Tonight’s logic fail of the night was the match between John Cena and the Real Americans. Now listen up, I’m a fan of John Cena and I don’t mind that he is portrayed as a super human wrestler. I’ve accepted that fact. But, tonight, he went a bit too far after making Jack Swagger tap out to the STF during his handicap match against The Real Americans. Cena and Cesaro worked tremendously well together and Cena put on a great performance, but he was dominated by Cesaro throughout most of the match and overcame A LOT of obstacles in order to pick up the win, including two huge uppercuts from Cesaro. I understand that Cena needs to look strong going into Survivor Series and he needs to be booked strongly at all times, but even I can admit that tonight was a bit ridiculous.

Tweets of the Night:




Commentary Lines of the Night: “Didn’t Vickie look nice? She looked like a Spice Girl” – JBL. “I heard Wayne Rooney was a matador” – JBL.

LOL Moment of the Night: The funniest moment of the night was the rap that R-Truth spit on Ryback. In the rap, Truth said that he was the suntanned Superman and that Ryback’s breath smells so bad, when he talks his teeth duck. Classic Truth.

Overall Lowlights: Los Matadores/Santino vs. 3MB, Nikki Bella vs. Tamina Snuka, Fandango vs. Tyson Kidd, Alberto Del Rio vs. Big E. Langston.

Overall Highlights: Kane and Brad Maddox argue, Big Show Choke Slams Randy Orton through the announce table, Dolph Ziggler vs. Curtis Axel, Kane booking matches fans want to see,  The Shield putting Randy Orton in his place, Zeb Colter anti-England promo,  John Cena vs. Real Americans, Big E. Langston saves Cena, CM Punk beats down Paul Heyman, CM Punk/Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield, The Shield and the Wyatt Family brawl.

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  • Z….

    there were definitely more logic fails…did anyone wonder why Danielson and Punk were even still there while the Shield and Wyatts were brawling?? They could have easily just left…then if that wasnt bad enough…after they all turned their attention to Danielson and Punk, they were able to get by them, got into the ring, and had a CLEAR PATH, to the ramp and the exit….Instead, they wait for 6 people to surround them…Thats GENIUS LMAO

    • Lara_P1

      it was just a bad show overall

      • Z….

        yes…”a” bad show…

        • Lara_P1

          honestly I havent really enjoyed Raw since DBry lost the WWE title to Orton. its just been awful booking since The Corporation 2.0 came in

          • Z….

            yup…since “then”…

    • YM5

      who would they leave? Punk and Bryan are wrestling fans too they wanted to see them go at it as you could see they were both looking on fondly besides its not like they ran from the back all fresh they were both out on the outside until Bray and Roman got into it so by the time they got up you’d assume they weren’t in much danger because they were more worried about each other. Also how stupid would you be to have two of your top three faces run away like a couple of b*tches when a fight is presented? think through your logic a little better

      • Z….

        the reason they would leave while the two heel groups were fighting each other is b/c they’re still outnumbered 6-2, and if you count a couple of those guys’ size advantage, you can argue that it was 8-2. At any time, they could have realized that they could just attack Punk/Danielson. If Punk and Danielson wanting to watch was the excuse, which I highly doubt b/c they are supposed to be portrayed as smarter than that, they could have easily watched from the ramp-stage area…As for when they had the clear path, explain to me how it would be considered cowardly? It would be considered outsmarting their opponents…Again…Its 6-2 at that moment. Absolutely no reason to just stand there and take a beating…Maybe it is you who should think through your logic a little better

        • YM5

          because in pro wrestling one man has destroyed a full ring on his own dozens of times, not just Big Shows and Undertakers, but Shawn Michaels has done it, hell Bryan has taken out the Shield on his own so him + Punk, in wrestling logic, could have taken on all 6 of them(Rowan and Harper’s dimwittedness kind of offsets the size advantage). In wrestling period your faces never back down whether it was Hogan and the entire Dungeon of Doom, Austin vs all of the Ministry/DX/Corporation, Cena vs The Nexus, faces don’t back down, it may be smart for the average man to turn and run but if these men were portrayed as average what is the point if watching them do something you can do? you dont “stand there and take a beating” you stand up and fight. (along with the fact you know you have buddies in the back who have beefs with the guys you’re about to brawl with)

          edit: also if you were paying attention they got up towards the end of the fight and watched the end its not like they were just standing there the whole time

          • Z….

            but they dont know there are guys in the back to come help them…They’ve taken numerous beatings where nobody attempted to help at all whatsoever, and that includes watching something similar happen last week at the end of the show. Also, this is a different case, considering that Danielson/Punk just came off a 3-2 handicap match, while 4 of the guys attacking them were completely fresh. They also know that the Shield are going to be methodical in their approach of attack and surrounding them, as are the Wyatts. They have no way of just hitting and running like they usually would in that situation to try to clean house. This is them standing in the middle of the ring, waiting for 6 guys to surround them and attack them from every side. It was clear when they slid into the ring in the first place, that they were trying to get out of there. The fact that there was a clear path that they didnt take makes it a logic fail. They ended up standing in the middle of the ring, waiting to get destroyed by 6 guys that have done so to them and across the roster multiple times in the past…Face or heel, its just dumb, especially for 2 guys that have been, and are supposed to be, portrayed as being able to outsmart opponents…There are plenty of occasions when guys escape situations where they are about to be mauled on in a situation of disadvantage…that isnt cowardly

          • YM5

            well they were just brawling with each other so they weren’t “completely fresh” (only 3 of them would have been, not 4) and whilst I may agree with the point they are known to outsmart opponents this wouldn’t be the first time either one of them has ran wholeheartedly into a handicap situation, they’re both proven pitbulls and last week differs greatly from this week as the Authority isn’t there to fire you immediately, the Rhodes and Usos actually have more of a vested interest with two competing tag teams being in the fray and the person(s) in question hasn’t already burnt their locker room relationships, you have to remember before Show decided he wanted to be a good guy he knocked out all four of the helpers from this finish and ran through the entire roster in general with his “iron clad” contract so its understandable that nobody wanted to help him. also we don’t know what Punk and Bryan knew, for all we know The Usos and the Rhodes told them “we have your back if anything happens” and they were setting up the Wyatts and the Shield to have a full 6 on 6 fight

    • Good points. However, if Punk and Bryan left the ring, the fans would have been disappointed!

      • Z….

        thats only b/c the “fans” dont use logic either…thats why they’re watching wwe lol

    • Macho Man

      More wrestling comments on a wrestling website from Z who “doesn’t care about or watch wrestling on a regular basis anymore” as he has stated before on numerous posts. Hilarious!

  • FacePuncher

    Please don’t chant ‘YES’ when big show does stuff. It belongs to Bryan.

    • Padres4life

      it still does….Bryan is the Yes man…amazing how after everything the McMahons have done to derail his momentum, Bryan still stays over no matter what..:) awesome!

    • JH

      I don’t mind if the crowd does the Yes, but whenever Big Show tries to get them to do it pisses me off.

      • Abudadein

        I remember when Big Show was all upset with The Great Khali for doing the “Shhhhh,” followed by a big chop across his opponent’s chest in the corner, like Big Show had some kind of ownership of it.

      • I’m sure he didn’t just do it out of nowhere. I bet Bryan gave him the okay.

        • Abudadein

          Yeah, I’d have to agree.

  • Padres4life

    Raw is sooo much better without Triple H and Stephanie and I think everyone else thought so too..I dont mind Maddox, Vickie and Kane running the show…Triple H is too much, get him out of there.

    • Tubby Lumpkins

      If they would have gotten rid of Vickie & Maddox and had Kane run the show (plus have Cole & Lawler be drunk) it would have been a very entertaining RAW.

    • YoungAngryMan

      What’s funny is when people say that they hate a heel and that they are annoying but are too big of a smark to admit that they have fallen for the whole heel routine. *Facepalm*

    • Poppy’s Hammer

      I don’t know why people hate Maddox, he actually has some charisma as a General Manager. If they didn’t make him a Triple H puppet, he would be even better, but he gets forced to portray a weak GM.

      The guy is a great watch and when he has those brief moments of being a smart a**, it makes him even more entertaining.

      • I love Maddox. His awkwardness is great and when he messed up on the microphone, it’s okay, because that’s the way he talks anyways. I think he is a great GM and should have a bigger role as the GM.

        • Abudadein

          Maddox is tremendous in his role. Terrific timing, always entertaining, and has a really compelling, yet comedic, screen presence. Unique talent.

    • I like Triple H and Stephanie as the leaders of the Authority, but you’re right, we needed a break. Too much of the same thing. Main event = Daniel Bryan or Big Show getting beat up by the Shield and/or Randy Ortoin.

  • YoungAngryMan

    Forget Superman. After the way he no-sold that attack on his arm, he’s a fukin super Saiyan. I swear. After seeing that, you would have to be 5 or retarded to be a fan of his.

    • Hahaha he was super Saiyan. That’s great. I thought the match was excellent, but he was a bit too super last night.

      • I disagree. I don’t see how he was more super than normal. He got beat up by Cesaro a lot, got rid of Cesaro then made swagger tap. Doesn’t seem too far fetched if you think of it.

        • Well, it was 2-on-1 instead of just a regular singles match. That’s what I meant.

    • Z….

      yo do realize that superman could destroy goku like its nothing just b/c the writers are lazy and give him powers on the fly…kind of like someone that sounds really familiar to me, but I just cant put my finger on it…

    • That makes no sense. One of the reasons I am a fan of John cena is because how much he overcomes. He just had major arm surgery and is showing no side affects from it at all. Who wouldn’t like to see that? It’s awesome. The whole idea surrounding John cena that you can’t beat him or can’t injure him is one of the many reasons he’s my favorite wrestler. And no, I’m not retarded, and I’m not 5.

  • JH

    I thought the logic fail is putting Kane in an authority position, then Maddox and Vickie trumping his decisions with their own.

    Like what’s the point of doing that with Kane if either A) what he says goes when HHH and Steph aren’t around or B) he choke slams the crap out of Brad Maddox or use his size to intimidate Vickie when they try do what they did in the open he is still Kane after all, shouldn’t someone be afraid of him?

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I really liked Kane and The Shield basically telling Orton off in the trainers room. Kane told Orton that if he continues to raise his voice, Big Show won’t be his only problem. Looks like Kane is kind of solo and doesn’t work for anyone aside from Triple H and Stephanie.

      I thought the entire Kane, Maddox and Guerrero bickering about booking matches was great, but you’re right, it is a bit illogical.

      • Abudadein

        That’s “Mr.” Kane to you, my good man.

      • JH

        I liked the matches that came out of it, but I don’t know, they should come off as somewhat afraid of Kane.

  • Abudadein

    Fan Sign of the Night: Bundy

    • As in King Kong Bundy?

      • Abudadein

        Yeah, I think so, unless they’re fans of Married with Children, or the American serial killer Ted Bundy, which would be in bad taste. Speaking of bad taste, I believe I’ve seen every episode of Married with Children, which I’m not proud of. So let’s say the sign was for King Kong Bundy!

        • I love Married with Children, it’s always on from 3-7AM lol.

  • FollowTheME

    Im really excited to see Daniel Bryan and CM Punk together.I dont want to see DB in the mid card.He is truly Main Eventer.

    • I think Bryan will be a main eventer once again. He is so over with the fans and WWE officials can’t have him in the mid-card for long. WWE is smarter than that.

  • I forgot to include this in the review, but honestly guys, how great has Cena been performing since returning from injury? He had included the sit-out powerbomb and neck breaker to his arsenal and he has been having some top notch matches, especially tonight against Cesaro (and Swagger I guess). Put your hate for Cena aside and give me your thoughts on if you think Cena has improved in the ring. Why or why not?

    • Z….

      He was much better in the ring when he was in OVW, but once he got to main eventing the WWE, it was the same old garbage that we generally see now a days. Once in a while, he mixes something in, but its not often. He still needs to be carried in matches…I still point to him getting seriously injured trying to do an arm drag on Mr Kennedy (or was it Randy Orton?) years ago…

      • It was Kennedy I believe.

        I don’t think Cena can be carried because Cena carries a lot of guys too, such as Ryback when they were first feuding.

        Example. John Cena vs. CM Punk at Money in the Bank 2011 received a five star match rating. CM Punk carried John Cena to a five star match? That’s impossible. Punk has only had one other five star match and that was in ROH against Samoa Joe in 2004.

        I find it impossible that someone can have a 5 star rated match and be carried through that match. If he was carried, then Punk would be the greatest wrestler in the world (I know he’s the best in the world, but let’s be serious for a second (Lance Storm)) and have over 10-20 five star matches, but he doesn’t. I firmly believe that Cena can wrestle, but he doesn’t go all out all the time considering he wrestles more than anybody on the roster and he’s been the top guy for nearly a decade. If he went all out every single night and put on matches like he did against Punk at MITB 2011, he’d be retired by now.

        • Z….

          well you’d think then that he’d pull out all the stops at Wrestlemania, but 24 and 25 were terrible, for example. The only good thing I remember from him during those 2 years, in which I was there live, was him putting Edge and Big Show in a double Fireman’s Carry Slam for the finish. The crowd was SOO dead during that match, which was a World Title match at Wrestlemania 25. To be fair, it was directly after HBK vs Undertaker, and the rest of the card was equally terrible, but I remember he was just terrible…I dont watch WWE. So I cant really comment on whether or not he is any different. I did see that MITB match though, and I’m surprised to hear that was rated as a 5 star match. I could go 4 1/4 being nice, and that was specifically b/c I remember feeling that Punk was better than usual in that match, while Cena was decent.

  • Matt Rennick

    Sign of the night was Mark Henry is my dad. And I’m pretty sure it was a picture of a glove next to it. It was at the beginning of the show

    • Haha I didn’t see that. Did they hold up the sign just once or did you see it more than once?

      • Matt Rennick

        I saw it during the opening Orton segment. Right as he was getting into the ring it was directly behind his head. I didn’t pay much attention to if they held it up after that

  • Best_4_Busine$$

    Here’s a thought for Survivor Series. Have the Shield and Wyatt family team up against bryan, punk, usos, and the Rhodes dynasty in 6 on 6 elimination tag. then, have the heels lose, thus resulting in the two factions blaming one another. which sets up a match at TLC with the shield vs wyatt family with some sort of stipulation(i’d go with a tables match.) then have the shield lose to the wyatts. but it doesn’t have to end there. maybe have the shield lose a few more times on raw/smackdown, which causes some arguments. then, rollins/ambrose secretly form a plan to get rid of reigns(maybe they think hes the reason they are losing) then turn on him.

    which goes into a storyline that reigns is injured or something. then at the royal rumble, have reigns return(maybe with ambrose/rollins in the ring working together) thus turning face and eliminating both of them. now im saying he doesn’t have to win the damn thing, but maybe put him in the final 3 in the rumble, which’ll give him legitimacy that he can hang with the main eventers. then, roman reigns may face the shield(ambrose & rollins) in a 2-1 handicap match(because we all know WWE loves handicap matches) and beat them, proving he can go out on his own.

    Thus, beginning Roman Reigns’s HUGE Babyface Push.
    so, whadd’ya think?

    • Edynol

      I like it. :) lol.

  • Edynol

    Commentary line of the night for me was when JBL talked about he truth making and album that went vinyl. The Jerry said “Yeah it wasn’t released, it escaped”. Had my rolling! lol.

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