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WWE Raw in a Nutshell: CM Punk Has A Rough Homecoming, Main Event Steals the Show

WWE 2K14
Raw took place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois and featured the return of CM Punk after he missed last week’s episode due to an injury he suffered at Night of Champions. There were a total of six matches, including Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston, an 11-on-3 Handicap Elimination match, and an entertaining bout between Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam. Also, WWE 2K14’s official roster was revealed. Here are the overall highs and lows from Monday Night Raw:

Best Match: There were a number of high quality matches, including Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam, but the show stealer was the main event 11-on-3 Handicap Elimination match between The Shield and a number of babyface superstars, with Daniel Bryan leading the pact. There were a few memorable moments throughout the match, including Roman Reigns eliminating three superstars with a Spear in a matter of 30 seconds and Dean Ambrose eliminating two superstars in a row with his face buster finisher. However, the best part of the bout came towards the end when Daniel Bryan, the Usos and Dolph Ziggler surrounded the ring once Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose were eliminated. It was the four face wrestlers against Seth Rollins, who held his own from start to finish. Despite losing, all three members of The Shield shined and were impressive. What made this match even better is that the audience was really enjoying what was going on in the ring and were on their feet cheering on the good guys, like they were supposed to.

Crowd Chants of the Night: During the opening match, the hot Chicago crowd chanted “Colt Cabana”…of course they did.  There were “RVD” chants from start to finish during his match against the former WWE champion, Randy Orton. During the Fandango vs. Santino match, the crowd chanted “Summer Rae”. CM Punk received a huge pop when he came out to the ring and his hometown crowd chanted his name throughout the entire segment. Before the handicap match, Daniel Bryan gave a promo and the crowd chanted his name. Also, Daniel Bryan led the crowd in a huge “YES!” chant.

Breakout Star of the Night: The breakout star of the night was Kofi Kingston, who looked outstanding in his match against Alberto Del Rio. Kofi worked very well with ADR and showcased a great amount of offense from start to finish, had the crowd on their feet and came very close to pinning the World Heavyweight champion. Kofi is one of the most consistent superstars in the WWE today and he had a top-notch performance against Del Rio.

Fan Sign of the Night: This is the part of the review where readers can comment on what their favorite crowd signs were. What were some cool, funny and clever signs that you saw during Raw?

Jobber of the Night: Santino Marella was the jobber of the night after he lost to Fandango after five minutes of less than stellar action. Santino was red hot after returning to the WWE two weeks ago by defeating Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, but all good things come to an end and he lost to Fandango, who was the jobber of the night last week. If one jobber beats another jobber, is the winner of the match still a jobber?

Upset of the Night: There were no real upsets on tonight’s episode of Raw. Everyone who was supposed to win did so in impressive fashion. Am I wrong? Let me know.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night: There were two holy sh** moments of the night and boy, they were incredible. 1: The CM Punk promo was awesome, but what was even more awesome was Ryback raising Punk above his head and dropping him on a table when they were brawling outside the entrance ramp. This was such a perfect segment to get fans interested in the CM Punk vs. Ryback match at Battleground and I give props to Punk for taking such a brutal bump through a table. That table wasn’t in the ring, it was on concrete (I think it’s concrete), just outside of the ramp. This just goes to show you that if you’re a WWE superstar, be careful when you go back to your hometown. By the way, Punk put forth one hell of a fight before the numbers game caught up to him. 2. While The Shield were coming out for their main event handicap elimination match, Cody Rhodes and Goldust attacked the Hounds of Justice and the crowd went absolutely nuts and chanted Cody’s name. It was great to see the Rhodes’ brothers get some revenge and I can’t wait to see what happens from here on out.  WWE hires Goldust and he and Cody become a tag team to take out The Shield? I’m down!

Worst Match: The worst match of the night was the five-on-five Divas tag team match. Honestly, I don’t mind if there is a one-on-one Divas match, but when you have more than three Divas in the ring together, it’s bound to be upsetting and embarrassing. Fortunately, this didn’t last longer than two minutes and it wasn’t that embarrassing, unless you’re AJ Lee, who got pinned by Brie Bella. So much for Natalya vs. AJ, huh?

Logic Fail of the Night: The logic fail of the night was Cody Rhodes and Goldust getting past security, especially Goldust. The dude is wearing his gold makeup and nobody seemed to notice that he was in the crowd? I know they may have been wearing hoody’s as a disguise, but his face is painted gold! Regardless, that Rhodes brothers attack on The Shield was awesome.

Tweets of the Night:




Commentary Lines of the Night: “He gave Del Rio and Van-Terminator last week…funny how payback works around here” – JBL talking about Del Rio attacking RVD last week. “…And it looks like Miz TV just got cancelled” JBL after Miz got knocked out by Big Show.

LOL Moment of the Night: One of the coolest moments from Raw was the CM Punk promo. He was speaking the truth and got the fans pumped up by saying that he isn’t going to give up and that he’s going to get his hands on Paul Heyman once again. All of a sudden, the funniest moment of the night came when Paul Heyman made his way to the ramp on a scooter (that he must have borrowed from John Laurinaitis) and started singing loudly. Reading it here, it may not sound that funny, but it’s one of those things that you had to see. Paul Heyman on a scooter is absolutely hilarious.

Overall Lowlights: Randy Orton beating down RVD, Fandango vs. Santino Marella, Divas tag team match.

Overall Highlights: Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston, Miz TV, Big Show knocking out Miz without crying, CM Punk/Paul Heyman promo, Ryback/CM Punk table spot, Rhodes brothers surprise attack The Shield, 11-on-3 Handicap Elimination match, lots of solid matches.

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I was impressed with Raw tonight i like the Cm Punk and Ryback segment people can say what they want about Ryback he is a good wrestler. But teaming Ryback with Paul Heyman was genius move by the WWE. And i know that Ryback can thrive with Paul Heyman by his side and give Ryback the push he deserves. And the main event was fantastic The Shield was awesome and the rest of the guys on the other team. But Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins are going to have good futures in this business. But the way Raw was tonight i can’t ait for Battleground next month.

    • Guest

      Mrs Ambrose
      I see you post on almost if not every posting do you live in this site?
      Or are you a company man?
      cause it is weird to see your name plastered on ever article I read?
      I am not knocking you but it sure looks like you live on this site and may be do it to pe pe people off

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        No i do not live on this site and if it is an article i am interested in then i will post my comments i am sorry if it bothers you.

        • Guest

          No it does not bother me
          And by stressing you a girl now’
          it makes me think your a man
          the sick games people play

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            I am not a man i am a girl and i am not stressing at all you might be a guy who knows?

          • Guest

            Auh how cute Mrs. Ambrose

            is now deflecting the same response back toward me this is all so cute Its ok if you wanna pretend your a girl on a wrestling site Mrs. Ambrose Hmm Mr. Ambrose

            all the boys in web land will really get the hots for you.. After all you have to have something to talk about with the boys after a long day playing on the computer

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            Yeah whatever i know i am girl and you still might be a guy so go ahead and try to bully somebody else ok?.

          • Guest

            Bully? look up the word bully it does not meet the meaning of what I have said..

            I am not bulling anyone I am just stating a belief that was generated from your comments on a computer program? That says your responses are that of a male and not a female..
            And as you once again deflect that I am a male and not a female also draws the computer to say your male…
            I am sorry that the computer thinks that of you but wanted to put it to the test and it seems to have work wonders..
            You have a nice night and please look up words before you claim that the are happening to you

            Because Be A STAR program is real

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            You can think whatever you want to think because i know who i am.

          • cubfan4life

            gotta love how someone loves hiding behind the “guest” nickname huh

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aMVlNPjpbI The Devourer of Dimensions

            Jesus, who cares? Shut up.

          • Daniel Dos Santos

            I agree with you Dimensions this Guest should just shut the hell up.

          • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

            The conversation above may have been one of the stupidest things I’ve read in a long time lol.

          • Daniel Dos Santos

            You sound like a prick and the words you speak have a meaning when you say them. The meaning is You are an idiot with no brain. You insult people and you don’t even know them. Prove that Mrs. Ambrose is a man. Give proof that can ACTUALLY proof your accusation because saying she talks and sounds like a man is not good enough. All you are saying is slander plain and simple. Until you can actually prove that shut the hell up.

  • Ha! CM Punk lost

    Ha! Punk got his *ss beat!!!

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Goldust could have been wearing a Wyatt Family Sheep mask!

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      Good point. I think it would have been best to just leave the guy in the mask alone lol.

  • Babie Sabrina

    Wow just wow Go Raw

  • DC

    Is it just me or did it sort of sound like WWE was foreshadowing a Miz/Orton feud soon? Especially as of late as both HHH and Steph have mentioned Miz hasn’t been WWE Champion in years makes me think we could be seeing Miz/Orton feud over the WWE Title after Randy is finished with Daniel Bryan.

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      Miz just seems random and undeserving considering he hasn’t won a meaningful match in a really long time.

  • http://WWW.WrestleNewZ.com/ Bork Lazer Living Legend

    I thought it was cool when Daniel Bryan hit the flying knee on Seth Rollins so hard Rollins did a backflip, it looked awesome.

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      Rollins is a great seller. He always looks like he injures himself in matches and gets back up time after time.

      • cubfan4life

        Rollins is right up there with Ziggler as the best seller on the roster.

        • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko


  • Jesus Condom

    How the hell is Orton beating down RVD a lowlight?

    • KingBack

      I don’t understand it either..

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      It just doesn’t make sense. RVD was able to compete later on in the night, so the beat-down wasn’t all that impactful. Also, RVD is supposed to be leaving the WWE for 3 months or so (contract), so why beat-down RVD now, before his match against Del Rio at Battleground? He should have done it afterwards. The beat-down was pointless. That was my point.

  • JH

    Given all his injuries lately I cringe every time I see punk do a big spot like that table spot, also his dive off the stage at Ryback was awesome .

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      It was a great segment. Huge heat for Ryback.

  • B-Ped

    I was really impressed with the main event. It was one of the most entertaining matches they’ve had in a while on Raw. Also, the biting words from Stephanie last night, wow, each one was extremely loaded, especially at the Miz and Kofi.

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      What did she say about Kofi? I know she tore Miz a new one.

      • B-Ped

        Well, I guess it’s more of a collective thing for the entire group, talking about how they don’t get title shots and won’t ever be considered “the face” of the WWE. I guess I just remembered Kofi, since he was one of the group members, along with R. Truth and Zack Ryder, who she addressed by name.

        • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

          Yeah, but those guys pretty much know it’s the truth (kind of). Remember how Triple H was insulting edge saying he had a roll of quarters holding his neck together and that he never drew a dime. That seemed really personal, but it was great TV.

  • Real Big Shon

    Reigns and Rollins were clearly the breakout stars of the night..they held their own and shown potential to be superstars!

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      I’d like to see Reigns do more wrestling moves. Slams, suplexes, etc. He is entertaining to watch in the ring, but it seems like all he does is punches and clotheslines.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Danny.Rocks.Mountain.Tops Daniel Vollmer

    I think its safe to say that they’re making Bryan…I think they want him to replace Cena one of these days, not yet though, but one of these days. I hope he wins the title and holds onto it for a long time.

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      Me too. Not sure when he’s going to win it, but I bet he will have a nice 6 month + reign.

  • Moh.T

    The logic fail is 4 people attacking Seth Rollins without a DQ
    Now if it was the Shield, what would have happened?

    • http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wrestling/author/adrian-fylonenko/ Adrian Fylonenko

      Good point. I forgot to mention that.

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