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WWE Raw in a Nutshell: New Matches Set for Hell in a Cell, Bryan Stands Tall

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Tonight’s episode of Raw took place in Memphis, Tennessee and was highlighted with a contract signing between Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton for their WWE Championship match at the Hell in a Cell PPV this Sunday. Raw featured a total of eight matches, including an impressive opening bout between Daniel Bryan and The Shield’s Dean Ambrose. Also, multiple Hell in a Cell matches were confirmed by Stephanie McMahon at the start of the show. With that being said, here are the overall highs and lows from Monday Night Raw:

Best Match: The opening contest between Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose was the best match of the night and was worthy of a main event slot if the Hell in a Cell contract signing wasn’t taking place. The match itself wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but it was a solid showing from both competitors and Dean Ambrose looked like a star in the ring with the Dragon. One of the highlights of the match was the top rope Double Underhook Suplex that Ambrose delivered to Bryan. There were plenty of near-falls and reversals that kept fans on the edge of their seats. Bryan can have a good match with just about anyone, and tonight was no different.

A close second for match of the night was the tag team match between The Usos and The Shield. This was a tremendous tag team match that was evenly contested from start to finish and the winners would go on to face Cody Rhodes and Goldust for the Tag Team Titles at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Both teams gave it their all and looked impressive, especially The Usos. In the end, the match ended in a no contest draw.

Crowd Chants of the Night: The Memphis crowd was disappointing tonight, but, like every week, the crowd chanted “Daniel Bryan” and “YES!” when the most over wrestler in the world came out to the ring. During his promo from the stage, the crowd chanted “CM Punk”.

Breakout Star of the Night: The breakout star of the night was Dean Ambrose, who had an evenly contested battle with Daniel Bryan. We’ve seen Bryan and Ambrose square off numerous times already this year, but this time, they were given a good amount of time and Bryan let Ambrose show off his talent. Ambrose and Bryan worked very well together and they had a good televised match.

Fan Sign of the Night: This is the part of the review where readers can comment on what their favorite crowd signs were. What were some cool, funny and/or clever signs that you saw during Raw? For me, the CM Punk Batman sign was pretty rad.

Jobber of the Night: Without a doubt, Heath Slater was the jobber of the night after losing to Santino Marella, who was dressed up in an Elvis costumer. The match lasted three or four minutes and Slater had about fifteen seconds of offense throughout the entire contest. Slater and 3MB have been a household name under the jobber of the night category for about two months now. Keep it up!

Upset of the Night: Surprisingly, there were no upsets on tonight’s episode of Raw. All of the better or “favorite” superstars picked up victories and nothing out of the ordinary occurred. There are usually one or two upsets during Raw, aren’t there?

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night: Luke Harper’s clothesline on Kofi Kingston was the holy sh** moment of the night. The maneuver was so powerful and looked so devastating, that JBL, the master of the Clothesline from Hell, pretty much lost his hat as he screamed at the top of his lungs “WHAT A FREAKING CLOTHESLINE”! If you can impress JBL with a clothesline, you deserve the holy sh** moment of the night award.

Worst Match: I don’t mind Santino, I really don’t. In fact, I think he can be extremely funny at times, but tonight wasn’t one of those times. Santino and Heath Slater of 3MB had one of the least entertaining and stupidest matches I have ever seen in my entire life. This whole Santino/Khali/Hornswoggle partnership is really starting to get on my nerves.

Logic Fail of the Night: The logic fail of the night was having Brie Bella face AJ Lee again on Raw. Of course, it was a tag match, but where is the logic in having the challenger face the Divas champion two times before a PPV? You don’t see Daniel Bryan wrestling Randy Orton every week on Raw and SmackDown.

Tweets of the Night:


Commentary Lines of the Night: “Well I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong” – Classic Jerry the King Lawler. “I think there is something wrong with Brie” – JBL talking about Brie Bella being Daniel Bryan’s fiancé. “GOODNIGHT, WHAT A FREAKING CLOTHESLINE!” – JBL on the Luke Harper clothesline.

LOL Moment of the Night: The funniest moment on Raw was the promo that Paul Heyman cut during his interview with Renee Young. Heyman was going absolutely nuts and was screaming at the top of his lungs bout how he was the lava when a volcano occurs and that he is going to destroy all the cars and cities and a lot of other things I honestly can’t remember. It was a classic Heyman promo as he hyped the Hell in a Cell PPV.

Overall Lowlights: Santino Marella vs. Heath Slater, Great Khali Elvis, Divas Tag Match (wasn’t HORRIBLE), Real Americans vs. Tons of Funk, too many squash matches.

Overall Highlights: Big Show promo, Daniel Bryan vs. Dean Ambrose, Paul Heyman promo, CM Punk helping out and working with Big E. Langston, Zeb Colter on commentary, John Cena “Career” video package,  Rhodes Brothers on commentary, The Usos vs. The Shield, Daniel Bryan/Randy Orton contract signing.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    Good to see this article back. Was missing it last week. Also Santa is happy to see the previous comment format returning. Santa sees all who replied. Prezzies to all!

    • Abudadein

      Raw in a Nutshell is the first thing I check on a Monday morning, and it never disappoints. It’s always written thoughtfully and provides a ton of great insight, along with some humor. Keep up the great work. (And by “great,” I mean “great.” Unlike the way WWE uses the word, as in The “Great” Khali).

      • Thank you for the kind words, Abudadein. Glad to see you and others really enjoy the article. I try my best to add some humor in there, but there are just so many things that piss me off about WWE. Stuff like Khali/Hornswoggle and the fact that Los Matadores have had 5-6 matches and they had four straight matches against 3MB. Haha. I’ll keep up the good work if you keep reading!

    • Sorry, I had a rough week last week and I couldn’t get a Nutshell article up. I promise it will never happen again!

  • Abudadein

    I agree, Santino was not funny at all last night on RAW. He reminded me of that guy you see at a party who gets a few laughs, and he likes the energy he gets from it, so he keeps going…and going…and going. When in fact, he should have stopped after the first two jokes, as he’s now reaching too far and embarrassing himself and looking like an attention wh*re. (or, like Sunny)

    • Chelsii?

      Santino is just one of the many things wrong with today’s WWE.

      • Abudadein

        What else is wrong with today’s WWE? I’m curious to hear your perspective.

        • Chelsii?

          Cena being the face of the company is up there, watered down uninteresting content like 75% of the time, midcard feuds (mainly around titles) built on go home shows for PPVs, not pushing new talent properly or often, just having no interest or direction in the female division, writers who have no idea about wrestling… it’s a long list..

          • Abudadein

            Thanks. Good stuff, and much to ponder at the start of a new day.

          • Randy Orton is the face of the company!

      • Tyler Drummond

        I love Santino! Part of that may be biased because he is one of my trainers and I know hes an awesome dude, but I still think he’s great. Not everything goes over with everyone, but thats one of the setbacks of a comedy character. He’s over though and knows how to work a crowd and tell a story both in the ring and on the mic.

        • I like Santino. I thought he was really entertaining as a heel a few years back. Just right now, he’s doing way too many kid-friendly things and it’s irritating me.

      • Jbreed

        Santino is an embarrassment to “pro” wrestling.

  • Chelsii?

    Yes, that CM Punk sign stylized is the old school Batman logo was great! :)

    • Tyler Drummond

      I marked out huge when I saw that!

      • Chelsii?

        Me too! What could be better than a mix of Batman & CM Punk?

      • Abudadein

        Second place went to: Who Farted?

  • jcice13

    I just can’t buy what this guy is selling, way too many things that are off here, ambrose didn’t beak out tonight, he’s been this star for a while in the WWE, who hasn’t seen that???

    and he says that 3mb have been the jobbers of the night for like 2 months now??? wow that’s the LONGESSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTT 2 months in the history of time, no I take that back since they say my home boy moses lived to be over 900 years old. cause I don’t recall them ever winning a match, have they???? frankie williams…look out you record is going to be broken, hey does it count if 3mb breaks frankie’s record but they’re on the juice??? cause I hear dickie v right now shouting BTL baby big time losers

    I will say this about the “author” he has a lot more patience than me because he’s just starting to get annoyed and tired of sanction, khali, and hornswaggle?? he should change his name to Job

    and he says brie shouldn’t have been in a match with AJ 2 weeks in a row because they have a match at HIAC and compares that to bryan and orton? didn’t those 2 face off vs one another for weeks before the last PPVs??? and even though some weren’t “sanctioned” matches,they fought? and didn’t bryan just put randy out at the end of the show?

    • cubfan4life

      Lol this post made me chuckle.

      First its Methuselah who lived to be over 900. Not Moses. Moses built the big boat remember?

      Secondly you really should proofread just a little. sanction (santino)? hornswaggle?
      Thirdly. Having two people constantly in matches against each other leading up to a match at a PPV isnt the best idea. Mainly because once you have seen a match once or even twice its hard to come up with something for the PPV that fans havent already seen before. That is not the same thing as having a beat down or like last night having Bryan take out Orton. That builds the anticipation and makes you start guessing who will win based on whats happened so far. When it is done right. All that having matches does is take away some of the unpredictability when they meet for the 2nd/3rd time etc.

      • Very well said cubfan4life. Glad you understand my logic behind the Bella/AJ situation.

      • Edynol

        It was Noah who built the ark. Moses is the guy who talked to god as a burning bush then freed his people from that pharaoh guy. I don’t know much about the bible, but I know that much. lol.

        • cubfan4life

          good point. regardless. neither one lived to be 900 lol

          • Edynol

            Yeah. lol. Moses lived to be like 120 or something around there. But still, back then that was a long time because the human lifespan averaged around 60. 😛

    • I have no problem with what you said in the first three paragraphs, but Orton and Bryan are having matches on PPVs for the WWE Title, not on Raw. I just feel that with title matches, the competitors shouldn’t be fighting each other the week before a PPV. I understand a tag team match, but they shouldn’t be competing in singles matches. Maybe it just doesn’t apply to the Divas?

      • jcice13

        but week after week the two keep fighting in some form or another, so basically what I am saying is that in the eyes of the fans what difference does it make if it’s a “match” or just a physical confrontation where one gets the upper hand on the other right?? like this week bryan cold cocked orton and left him in the ring..to me it’s almost the same as michael cole saying he beat lawler at mania or heyman saying he pinned punk, am I clearing my position up a little better??

        • Oh yeah no I understand. I’m just saying for a big match, you shouldn’t let the competitors get fight each other unless its a short brawl or a quick RKO (out of nowhere). Having actual matches against each other week after week and then at a PPV defeats the purpose of people paying money to see a match. WWE should be smarter than this. I know there are die-hard wrestling fans who’ll watch every PPV, but if you saw Orton vs. Bryan three weeks in a row and then saw Orton vs. Bryan at a PPV, you’d be less intrigued. At least I would be.

    • Raw in a Nutshell is a review. I’m not trying to sell anything. I gotta keep breakout star of the night on there and Ambrose has still only been on the main roster for less than a year. Thinking back to it, I could have put Big E. Langston as the breakout star of the night, but like today and two weeks ago, you probably would have found something wrong with that too.

      • jcice13

        ah but unfortunately you’d be mistaken adrian,no I would not have said that, I would have agreed because of where langston has been on the pecking order and what he’s been doing since his arrival, whereas ambrose has been near the top of many angles since the shield has gotten there and has been the spokesman of that group the entire time, and as you know by giving langston a rub with punk it’s giving him the perceived push to a higher level than just being a body guard type

        • Still, Ambrose hasn’t even been there a year and since he’s a rookie, I feel that he was valid for the breakout star of the night award. Raw is three hours long and it’s hard to remember some of the matches. Working with Punk was great for Langston.

          • jcice13

            LOL unless one has dementia they should remember the 5 or 6 matches they have weekly on RAW but all kidding aside, to say that ambrose hasn’t been there a year yet in a sort of comparison to big E is something I can’t get behind for reasons I stated in my prior comment, how many times since big E and ambrose have simultaneously been there has big E been in the main event or main angle?? while ambrose is all over the show at all the prime rating spots, if he was any more broken out he would need to bath in clearasil for a year

  • Edynol

    I think the commentary lines of the night should go to the back and forth JBL had with Cody and Golddust during the Shield/Usos tag match. They had me laughing the whole time. Cody: “If you build a liar from the ground up, it would look like JBL. Golddust: “Ohhhh snap!” JBL: “Did I just get an ‘oh snap’ from Golddust?” Cody: “Yeah. It just happened.” lol. The chemistry between Cody and JBL is awesome, as evident on the JBL & Cole show. I also like how JBL has gone into full on Heel commentator mode lately. We haven’t had a solid heel commentator in a long time and few do it better than JBL.

    One thing that also has me intrigued is the sub-plot of who got Big Show access to the titontron. Who’s helping the Big Show? I’m thinking it’s HBK and maybe we’ll see an HBK/HHH feud. I wouldn’t mind seeing them wrestle one last time at WM.

    I am also looking forward to Langston vs Axel. I think they’ll both have a great match and hope Big E. wins the IC title. He deserves a push and would make a way more interesting champ than Axel.

    • Zeb Colter and the Rhodes brothers were phenomenal on commentary today. I also loved Zeb Colter’s quote “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on America”!

  • KingBack

    I just don’t get the logic in having Big Show play this role while younger guys like Dolph Ziggler doesn’t have any role currently besides jobbing.
    I mean.. It won’t be many years before Big Show retires while a guy like Ziggler still is young and could use this kind of angle for his future.
    Just see how a main event angle have turned out for Cody Rhodes..

    • Jbreed

      And what’s worse is guys like Santino Marella, The Great Khali, Tons Of Funk and a midget dressed as a bull have more important roles than a great, charismatic, young talent like Dolph Ziggler. It’s a joke.

  • PlanoStu

    I’m betting Vince will be the guy behind Big Show. Also wouldn’t surprise me to see Vince get being HBK and set up the Wrestlemania match between HBK and HHH, winner gets control.

    • Do you think HBK will wrestle again? Didn’t he make a promise to Taker that he was going to be done? Only way I can see HBK come back is if he wrestles HHH or Bryan.

      • PlanoStu

        That’s what I’m saying. HBK vs HHH at Wrestlemania.

  • Jbreed

    The overall lowlights on this week’s Raw have been the same lowlights on Raw for the past who knows how many weeks. How many times do we need to see the same crap on Raw week in and week out.

    • I know exactly what you mean. I feel like a broken record typing the lowlights section each week.

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