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WWE Raw in a Nutshell: Sandow Fails to Cash In, Bryan Makes HBK Tap Out

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The first Monday Night Raw after Hell in a Cell took place in Orlando, Florida and featured a total of nine matches. The show started off hot with the new World Heavyweight champion John Cena, who addressed the WWE Universe by sharing his thoughts on his comeback and his victory over Alberto Del Rio at Hell in a Cell. It’s worth mentioning that Cena said absolutely nothing about Randy Orton or The Authority. Shortly after the promo, Damien Sandow cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Also on the show, Shawn Michaels explained his actions and had a confrontation with Daniel Bryan and the Apex Predator had ANOTHER WWE Championship celebration. So, without further ado, here are the overall highs and lows from Monday Night Raw:

Best Match: The opening match between John Cena and Damien Sandow for the World Heavyweight Championship was by far the best match of the night. Before the match, Sandow viciously attacked Cena’s elbow and then cashed in his briefcase. After Cena was dominated by Sandow, WWE’s Superman literally defeated Sandow with one arm after he hit two Attitude Adjustments. I know the IWC can’t believe (or accept) the fact that Cena won, but there is no denying that Sandow and Cena’s battle was phenomenal. Sandow was exceptional from start to finish and both competitors seemed to have a lot of chemistry, despite only facing facing each other once in the ring before.  In true Superman style, Cena kicked out of Sandow’s finishing maneuver twice, but hey, what do you expect?

The second best match of the night was the tag team bout between Cody Rhodes & Goldust and The Real Americans. Cody and Goldust came out to the ring and got a huge pop and they put on a wrestling clinic along with the Real Americans. Finally, Swagger and Cesaro are getting a push and I can see them have an intriguing feud with the Rhodes brothers. After a hard-hitting back and forth contest, Swagger injured Goldusts ankle and locked in the Patriot Lock to score the submission victory.

Crowd Chants of the Night: During the opening World Heavyweight Title match between John Cena and Damien Sandow, the crowd chanted “this is awesome”. During Shawn Michaels’ explanation, the crowd chanted “you sold out”. Also, when Daniel Bryan came out to confront HBK, the crowd chanted “YES”.

Breakout Star of the Night: Despite losing, Damien Sandow was the breakout star of the night after cashing in his MITB briefcase and putting on one hell of a performance against John Cena. Sandow was extremely vicious and definitely deserves better than to become the second man in WWE history to unsuccessfully cash in the MITB briefcase. Better things are in Damien Sandow’s future. I guarantee that.

Fan Sign of the Night: This is the part of the review where readers can comment on what their favorite crowd signs were. What were some cool, funny and clever signs that you saw during tonight’s episode of Raw?

Jobber of the Night: No surprise here, the jobber(s) of the night were 3MB, who jobbed to Los Matadores for the fourth or fifth time in a row. After an impressive performance against The Real Americans last night at Hell in a Cell, the WWE have resorted Los Matadores back to this nonsense. I’m finally fed up with this “feud” between Los Matadores and 3MB. It can’t really be called a rivalry considering the fact that 3MB have yet to win a match.

Upset of the Night: The only upset of the night was the Real Americans defeating Cody Rhodes and Goldust, and they did so in impressive fashion. Both teams battled for a good 10 minutes and performed some impressive spots. Anytime one team beats the WWE Tag Team champions, it’s an upset, even though both Cesaro and Swagger are very talented individuals.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night: Without a doubt, the holy sh** moment of the night was Damien Sandow cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. It would have been a lot cooler to see Sandow defeat Cena, but I think Sandow should have waited a bit longer to cash in, considering nobody thought that Cena would drop the World Title the night after winning it. Also, Sandow viciously attacking Cena before the match was a smart and strategic move, but it wasn’t enough to put away the leader of the Cenation.

Another holy sh** moment was the Shawn Michaels/Daniel Bryan segment. The promo that HBK gave was ego-driven and top notch, and when Bryan put him in the Yes Lock and made him tap out, I admit I marked out a bit. What a great Raw moment.

Worst Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Big E. Langston was the worst match of the night. After about two minutes of action, The Shield interfered and beat down Langston. The bout seemed pointless, until Teddy Lon…I mean Brad Maddox came out and announced a Six Man Tag Team match between all the competitors in the ring.

Logic Fail of the Night: The logic fail of the night came during the World Heavyweight Title match between Damien Sandow and John Cena. After Cena hit his first Attitude Adjustment on Sandow, the Intellectual Savior of the Masses rolled out of the ring and didn’t it seem like he was going to make it back into the ring before the count of ten. So what did Cena do? WWE’s Superman jumped out of the ring, picked him up with one arm and decided that he wasn’t going to win via count-out. I understand that Cena wouldn’t want to win that way, but come on man, your arm is messed up and Sandow has been absolutely kicking your ass since the start of the match. Logic fail? Indeeeeeed! (Funaki)

WTF Moment of the Night: Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family attacking Daniel Bryan and CM Punk was the WTF moment of the night. It was a random attack on both superstars and the crowd was in shock after Bryan and Punk were beat down by all three members of the Family, each on separate occasions. In both cases, Bray Wyatt said “the Devil made me do it”. All signs point to Triple H, right?

Another WTF moment that happened on Raw was Kane bringing Stephanie McMahon out on the stage and then basically telling her that she is brilliant and that he will be her own personal monster. Just as Kane was about to leave, he took off his mask, gave it to Stephanie, and the Billion Dollar Princess held it up in the air with a smug look on her face.

Tweets of the Night:






Commentary Lines of the Night: “I don’t sound like that!” – JBL commenting on John Cena’s impersonation. “John Cena is Superman” – Jerry the King Lawler. “That’s the most absurd argument I’ve ever heard, John, Babe Ruth didn’t cost Derek Jeter a World Championship” – Michael Cole.

LOL Moment of the Night: The funniest moment of the night came during the beat-down Damien Sandow gave to John Cena before cashing in his MITB briefcase. During the vicious attack, Sandow threw Cena into the barricade and just as he let go, the Intellectual Savior of the Masses screamed out “RISE ABOVE THIS”! It’s one of those moments you have to see. It was great.

cena whc

Overall Lowlights: Damien Sandow fails to cash in the MITB briefcase, Dean Ambrose vs. Big E. Langston, Los Matadores vs. 3MB, Kane vs. The Miz, CM Punk vs. Ryback (good match, wish it lasted longer, plus, Ryback tapped out which I wasn’t a fan of), Summer Rae vs. Natalya.

Overall Highlights: John Cena promo, Damien Sandow cashes in MITB, John Cena vs. Damien Sandow, Roman Reigns’ Double Spear, Shawn Michaels and Daniel Bryan segment, HBK taps out to the YES Lock, Kane sells his soul to Stephanie McMahon, Prime Time Players selling stuff on WWEShop.com, Wyatt Family attacks Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Real Americans, Randy Orton championship celebration, Big Show knocks out Orton.

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  • Travis Rogers

    Summer Rae and Natalya actually had a good match.

    • Dirty J. Sanchez The 3rd

      Summer Rae vs. Natalya minus Great Khali & Hornswoggle = AWESOME MATCH!!!!

    • JMD

      minus summer rae’s botched piece of the finish

    • I didn’t think it was that great. But, of course, mostly everybody on the site agrees with you lol.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Think Miz can fit in the Jobber of the night against Kane. Little offensive in the short match

  • xtremeattitude

    damien greendow had his very first good match tonight

  • xtremeattitude

    rae vs natalya was awful
    summer rae is kelly kelly 2.0

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      I don’t think Summer’s as bad a wrestler as Kelly was. Then again, Kelly was much better looking.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the ‘Devil’ is NOT HHH, but either Vince (who has frequently been compared onscreen to Satan) or… Stephanie. Think about it… if Stephanie started calling herself the Devil, wouldn’t that make Kane… “The Devil’s Favorite Demon”? Of course, you’d have the logic fail of Kane working (if only indirectly) with the guys that put him on the shelf… but then again, usually Kane gets the hell beaten BACK INTO him before each of his heel turns, so yeah…

    • Gorship

      I think its just a line from Wyatts back story we slowly have to piece together (in my thinking anyway im not saying “YOUR WRONG LOLZ” :) ). Wyatts dont strike me as part of corperation 2.0 or even like the APA (mercenary for hire). They save the show by being unpredictable – if a story line between Bray and CM develops, that would hold my interest while this horrible wwe/world champ thing gets sorted out.

  • Bite Me You Loser

    WWE has planted several seeds tonight. Santa wants to see what happens next

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Thank God for The Shield and The Wyatt Family. If it weren’t for them, I’d stop watching RAW entirely.

      • Gorship

        Wyatts saved raw – lets be honest.

    • Brandon Wise

      Thank you! They had to plant seeds to get the ball rolling for Survivor Series..mission accomplished

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Logic fail from the King saying that the only thing he could see was Wyatt even though they had a spotlight on Punk the whole time.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      To be fair, if Wyatt was standing between King and Punk, that might be a fair assessment. He seems to be putting a bit of that weight back on…

      • Bite Me You Loser

        I’m sure Husky will drop them after some more workouts

  • CheIii

    No one has yet to point out that there were 2 divas matches tonight.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    Nothing on the IC Title now that Axel’s hurt? I say, 6-man elimination match with Fandango, Ziggler, Barrett (where the hell is Barrett??!), Kofi and a couple of other guys to determine the new champion.

    • I guess Barrett is being repackaged. Would love to see him attack Axel, which impresses Heyman, which results in Barrett being in Heyman’s group along with Ryback. Now, Ryback needs to start getting some wins after tapping out the other night.

  • Dirty J. Sanchez The 3rd

    $10 says that in the next couple of months, Brad Maddox will shave his head, wear some glasses & a baggy suit and he’ll finally complete his transformation into Teddy Long 2.0

    • Nice. Glad you caught that in my review.

    • jcice13

      I’ll take that bet

  • Willy_B10

    I am more than likely wrong and reading into this WAY too much but … Last night heyman referred to himself as satan, and who did BW said was making him attack others? I am probably wrong but it’s interesting. I doubt it’s Vince since he’s suppose to be a fave upon return.

  • Nick Turner

    Im a little pissed because I feel Sandow was a sacrificial lamb to show everyone Cena was 100%. If he disappears and is reduced to complete jobber status I wouldn’t be surprised. And I am completely sick and tired of the singles matches turning into 6 man tags. Match was good but I am tired of it. The Wyatts being controlled by someone really does interest me. Stephanie is probably behind it. Shes the devil, devil made them do it, kanes the devils favorite demon, Kane is at Stephs beck and call. Seems logical but it is WWE so I could be way off. All in all nice job setting up survivor series stories. Cant wait to see them pay off.

    • Gorship

      im with yeah on this whole 6 man tag thing. you can see it from a mile away, it was cute the first time, but thats like a 1 in every 5 weeks sorta deal. now that i say that… maybe WWE should put there “go to’s” on like a cooldown “we cant bury we did that last week” maybe that will solve some problems.

  • Jeremy

    “Logic Fail of the Night: The logic fail of the night came during
    the World Heavyweight Title match between Damien Sandow and John Cena.
    After Cena hit his first Attitude Adjustment on Sandow, the Intellectual
    Savior of the Masses rolled out of the ring and didn’t it seem like he
    was going to make it back into the ring before the count of ten. So what
    did Cena do? WWE’s Superman jumped out of the ring, picked him up with
    one arm and decided that he wasn’t going to win via count-out. I
    understand that Cena wouldn’t want to win that way, but come on man,
    your arm is messed up and Sandow has been absolutely kicking your ass
    since the start of the match. Logic fail? Indeeeeeed! (Funaki)”

    A logic fail alright, on your part.

    • Please explain. He could have won by countout…Or are you just not a fan of Take and Funaki?

  • Gorship

    I heard vince was going to make an appearance.. I was sad when “No chance” didn’t start playing when show and HHH were on the stare down.

  • Z….

    anyone that turned away from the AWESOME Game 5 in the World Series tonight to watch this garbage needs to seriously get a brain scan b/c they are obviously suffering from some sort of damage

  • fj2305

    I am done watching this crap… I really don’t like it how Sandow gets buried by the selfish egomaniac Cena… Change is nowhere in WWE… Just disappointed… Why did Sandow even win the MITB briefcase? Because of no reason, only to get buried… Why did cena just step back from his leading role and say to himself and to the creative stuff “I won it 13 times now, let some other guy hold the title”… No he takes again advantage of the non-creative creative staff of the WWE who has no idea for the WHC and out of desperation bring Cena back just to get him over and over and over again… It is like being forced to watch your favourite team gets beaten in the deciding championship game by their rivarlie’s team on your home court over and over and over again… I need a break of it… It is pure torture…

    • I don’t think this is entirely Cena’s fault though. This is how WWE creative wanted to push Cena considering kids love a super hero and programming for children is what’s selling. I don’t mind seeing Super-Cena, but it shouldn’t have been at Sandow’s expense.

      • fj2305

        They are doing it for 8 long years over and over and over again… Cena or should i say WWE or even better VKM buried Umaga, Khali, Lashley, HBK in 07 RVD (but thta was his fault), Ziggler, Swagger, Miz, Barrett and the list goes on and on… They are doing it for 8 fucking years… It gets boring, man… Cena could tell the creative stuff or the writers ” Hey I don’t wanna hold the title again I did that 13 times before, give the WHC to someone else” BUT NO HE HAS TO HOLD IT, because it is best for business, c’mon but in my eyes he is a lil bit selfish and he could make his Make-a-wish work even if he is injured and don’t ruin Sandow’s chance to become a champion, No chance for new faces, because of that NON-CASH-IN lately. CENA IS OVER SO OVER for 8 years, so why do they push. There was no need to do it, Screw the kids and give the new faces finally some time to perform on the championship court. Kids will always cheer for Cena even if he is not holding a title… It was a despreate decision by the WWE writing crew to bring him back to hold the title, cause they have no idea what to do with the other wrestlers and no idea how to push them… I just wanna see someone else on the top and I really hope VKM buys TNA and we get the brand spilt back, cause the current “ONE SHOW” mentality sucks, we had 2 writing crew for 2 shows and now one for SD and RAW. In my opinion thats the problem. The lack of creativity lately and the fact that the WWE had 3 storylines (Punk/Heyman, WHC scenario, Authority storyline), no real Divas division, no Midcard (no one was pushed lately, only Big E was slowly pushed). That’s how i see it… it is a creativity problem all the way… But hey that’s my opinion, respect that or criticize me, I don’t care

      • jcice13

        you’re partially correct yes that’s how the WWE wants to push Cena but to say it’s not “entirely” Cena’s fault is wrong, it has nothing to do with that, cena does what he’s told just like jon cryer acts like he does on two and a half men

  • tt2000

    The most important part of the night was the Shield promo and the very first sign that they may break up in the future. Their first disagreement.

    • Yep. You could see the confusion and resentment in Rollins and Reigns’ eyes.

  • Rahul

    And I thought Kane was gonna tombstone Stephanie.

  • puckdinah1

    easily the lowlight of the night had to be ryback, after punk’s kick to the head, basically finding and then sitting on the table. can WWE go get some guys who’ve worked table matches and show em how that gets done? sabu and rvd would be happy to help….

    • I know what you mean, but Ryback is a big guy and he needed to gently lay on the table or else he probably would have broken it lol.

      • puckdinah1

        meh…thats just covering for him lol. that was seriously worse than when you’d see someone body slammed by the corner, but out of position…and before the cameras cut away, you see this supposed “out” wrestler try to oh so quietly reposition. not everyone can be like rvd and eddie and reposition mid-air as they used to.

  • puckdinah1

    also, when cena rolled him back in, WWE missed a good chance at something i don’t think as ever been done in any prior cash-ins. that is, if you know it’s their supposed one and only chance, and in most cases, you as champion are wounded….why would you not intentionally be counted out or disqualified?

    when sandow was out of the ring being counted out, they should have booked it as a count out loss. then, of course, sandow might not look so smart, and cena doesn’t get to be superman, but still. unless you as a champ are completely knocked out….why not? doesn’t have to be all of em, and yea it is “cheap”, but kinda sorta no more or less cheap than a cash in on a beaten and broken champion (call it cheap, call it capitalizing, but either way….those endings do exist and should be explored)

  • jcice13

    I had a bad feeling when sandow cashed in I guess since they had john boy lose when he cashed his MITB in he had to win vs sandow, just didn’t like it and come on how badly do they want to push him with this arm injury and he still won???

    • Yeah it was disappointing, but it was still one hell of a match.

      • jcice13

        I have to disagree, I thought it was an okay match, sandow did look good and so did cena but there was little logic behind it yes it makes cena look like a big time hero but isn’t sandow supposed to be my intellectual leader??? why would the “smartest” man in the WWE cash in just because the champ was hurting? wouldn’t it be more cerebral to cash in AFTER the champ had a grueling match and was tired and hurt?? if I’m not mistaken every other holder of the MITB except cena kent did right? why wouldn’t the smartest man not learn from history?? and what does this do for sandow from here on out? because basically up to this point he’s be getting his ass beat by everyone and now he loses his cash in??? I realize I take it a little too far at times but creativity is a crucial portion of the show right??

  • Mohamed Abdo

    Great I like that stuff every week .. but most likely u made the ” Fan sign of the night ” our choice , coz u didn’t notice the signs lol .

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