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WWE Raw in a Nutshell: Big E. Langston Shines, Big Show Gets His Job Back, Kane Goes Corporate


Tonight’s episode of WWE Raw took place in Greenville, South Carolina and featured a total of ten matches, including a featured  six man tag team match between the teams of John Cena/Cody Rhodes/Goldust and Damien Sandow/Jack Swagger/Antonio Cesaro. The WWE Universe witnessed a couple of first time contests in CM Punk vs. Luke Harper and Randy Orton vs. Big E. Langston. Also, Big Show got his job back and was awarded a WWE Title match against Randy Orton at Survivor Series. Lastly, Kane shocked the world when he came down to the ring in a suit and tie and assisted The Shield in a Big Show beat down. So, without further ado, here are the overall highs and lows from Monday Night Raw:

Best Match: The six man tag match between John Cena/Cody Rhodes/Goldust and Damien Sandow/Jack Swagger/Antonio Cesaro was the best match of the night and one of the best tag team matches of the year. Surprisingly, both teams appeared to be evenly matched and all six superstars excelled. There were a number of great spots, especially at the end, including Cody Rhodes executing a huge Moonsault on Damien Sandow and John Cena leaping off the top rope and hitting a Cross Body onto Antonio Cesaro, which resulted in Goldust lifting Cesaro up in the air and nailing his Final Cut finisher. The crowd made the match even more exciting as they were standing on their feet throughout its entirety. If you didn’t happen to catch this tag team bout, I highly suggest that you do.

Crowd Chants of the Night: During the opening match, the crowd chanted “CM Punk”. After the Punk/Harper match, Daniel Bryan came out to save Punk from a beat down and the crowd went absolutely nuts. They also chanted “YES” multiple times. During the six man tag match, portions of the South Carolina crowd went back and forth with “let’s go Cena” “Cena sucks” chants.

Breakout Star of the Night: To me, there were two breakout stars of the night. The first was Luke Harper after looking mightily impressive in his match with CM Punk. The sole purpose of the upcoming Punk/Bryan/Wyatt Family angle is to put the Wyatt Family over and to make them a legitimate threat within the WWE. Harper, who is a rookie, worked very well with CM Punk and both superstars put on an exciting opening match. If you want to get the Wyatt Family over, putting them with two of WWE’s biggest stars is the way to go. It will be interesting to see where Harper and the rest of the Family go from here.

The second breakout star of the night was Big E. Langston, who nearly dominated Randy Orton in a non-title bout. Langston overpowered Orton right when the opening bell started and was inches away from hitting the Big Ending. However, Orton slithered out of Langston’s finishing maneuver and struck him with a RKO. The announcers did a great job putting Langston over the entire match and without a doubt, the WWE rookie made a name for himself tonight against the WWE champion.

Fan Sign of the Night: This is the part of the review where readers can comment on what their favorite crowd signs were. What were some cool, funny and clever signs that you saw during tonight’s episode of Raw?

Jobber of the Night: Tonight’s jobber of the night award goes to The Great Khali after he lost to Ryback in about two or three minutes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Khali should not be wrestling in the WWE. He cannot perform at a high level, put on a decent match nor is he over with the fans. I’ve had enough of Khali and every time he takes a step, it looks like he’s going to collapse. Am I being too harsh? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Upset of the Night: There were two upsets on Raw. The first was Eva Marie pinning Tamina Snuka and getting her first WWE win. Eva didn’t do anything in the match besides take a clothesline and pin Tamina. The Bella Twins did all the work and at the end, Eva tagged herself in and rolled up Snuka. The second may not seem like a huge upset, but Dolph Ziggler picking up a victory over the Intercontinental champion Curtis Axel has to be seen as one. Ziggler has been a victim of terrible booking lately and the win over Axel will probably propel him into an Intercontinental Title feud, a title that Ziggler has only won once in his career. Looks like Axel can’t win a match without Heyman by his side.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night: Who knew something so little could be the holy sh** moment of the night. During the main event match between The Big Show and The Shield/Randy Orton, Kane’s music played and the Big Red Machine came out in a suit and tie. For some reason, the scene of Kane without his ring gear/mask on was haunting as he provided The Shield with chairs, which they used to beat down Big Show. This looks like the start of corporate Kane, who in real life is brilliant, well-spoken and passionate about politics. Corporate Kane officially joining The Authority was the holy sh** moment of the night.

Worst Match: The two minute instant classic between The Great Khali and Ryback was the worst match of the night. Khali dominated the match from start to finish, hitting about three slaps to the chest and a total of four clotheslines. In the end, Ryback executed his patented meat hook clothesline and picked up the victory. After tapping out to CM Punk last week on Raw, Ryback needs to try his best to gain momentum. The WWE has pretty much ruined his character with poor booking decisions and an unimpressive win over Khali isn’t helping anybody out. When you see Khali in the ring, you know it’s going to be a disappointing match.

Feel Good Moment of the Night: Each week, I will include one new category in my Nutshell articles that applies to the particular episode of Raw and tonight, Tyson Kidd returning to the WWE and scoring a submission victory over Fandango was definitely a feel good moment. Kidd has been out of action for over a year with a serious injury and he looked phenomenal in his in-ring return. I know that Kidd returned a few weeks ago as a member of Los Locales, but this was the first time the character “Tyson Kidd” returned and all that rehab and hard work will hopefully pay off with a push in the near future.

Tweets of the Night:





Commentary Lines of the Night: “This is good for business!” – JBL talking about the Wyatt Family. “He might have a Khali-flowered ear” – JBL talking about the match between Ryback and The Great Khali. “Shut up, Michael Cole” – Alberto Del Rio on commentary. “Get off me Cole!” – Zeb Colter. “You have to have a spine to have spine trauma” – Jerry Lawler talking about Paul Heyman.

LOL Moment of the Night: There wasn’t one specific LOL moment of the night, but the entire commentary team during the six man tag team match was hilarious. Cole, Lawler and JBL were joined by Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter, who took multiple shots at one another. Del Rio, Cole, JBL and Colter were exceptionally humorous. Jerry Lawler seemed nonexistent, but that’s okay.

Overall Lowlights: The Great Khali vs. Ryback, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler explaining the WWE App, six diva tag match, Eva Marie pinning Tamina Snuka.

Overall Highlights: CM Punk vs. Luke Harper, Daniel Bryan saves CM Punk, Paul Heyman phone call, Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio, Big Show vs. WWE lawsuit video package, Randy Orton promo, Randy Orton vs. Big E. Langston, Tyson Kidd returns, six man tag team match, Alberto Del Rio/Zeb Colter on commentary, Big Show gets his job back, Corporate Kane.

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  • Tyler Drummond

    My boy Big E killed it tonight. Crowd popped BIG for him at the end of that match. Don’t screw this one up WWE. Also as expected the pop for Punk and Bryan together was amazing!

    • cubfan4life

      Big E has Cena backing him so I dont think there is any way he doesnt get a huge push

      • That’s a good point, unless Triple H doesn’t like him. Remember Sheamus’ great push when he first came to the WWE. Him and Trips were workout buddy’s.

    • Those were two of the best moments from Raw. Big E. won the landslide WWE poll and he had a very decent match with Orton. Bryan and Punk together is a dream. What did you think about corporate Kane? I think it’s a brilliant move to freshen things up with his character.

      • Tyler Drummond

        I loved it. Couldnt stop laughing (in a good way). Couldnt help but look at him as the Authority’s monster version of the stooges Pat Patterson amd Gerry Briscoe.

        • I can’t wait for next week’s Raw. Hopefully he will speak!

          • I guarantee they’ll stop calling him Kane and call him Glen Jacobs.

          • JMD

            kane. best dressed furniture mover

            so was the ring that mic’d up, or was the crowd really that dead, that we got to hear a lot of the heels barking orders during that last bit?

            conversely, with nexus attacking cena, i’d have to go watch footage but i thought the crowd was so hot you couldn’t hear anything. i want to check for my sanity, but if thats true, WWE should take that as a sign that this angle is dying-fast.

          • That would be amazing haha.

  • Edward Ritlop

    If anyone knows about burning in hell it’ll be the McMahon family 8 their roid-loving juicer: Cena Hunter, Ryback etc

  • Padres4life

    they’re ruining Bryan…..now he has to put over a heel stable, after never being able to have a legit title reign..yeah, because that makes sense, right?

    • I understand the frustration, but I think it will all pay off when Bryan wins the Title at WrestleMania.

      • Z….

        I dont know…if I cared about WWE, I’d probably still be pissed that Punk didnt go into a main event match at last year’s Wrestlemania as champion, or even just receive a main event match. The chances of either Danielson or Punk getting that main event match at this year’s Wrestlemania are probably the same. Cena will probably close the show again. Those 2 are more than deserving of a main event spot on the biggest stage.

        • Abudadein

          Z…doesn’t care about wrestling and stopped watching years ago. He lost all interest, he has said time and again in the comments section of a wrestling news site that he frequently visits.

          • Z….

            lol Macho Man would like this….I still tune into TNA once in a while. I only stopped with TNA on a regular basis a year or 2 ago. WWE happened 5 years ago and I was limited for the 2 years before that (attending WM 25 was pretty much the last straw as the HoF changes were atrocious and the only match worth anything on that card was HBK vs Undertaker, which was amazing live. Maybe Steamboat being awesome in that match with Jericho, but that was pretty much it)…If the product didnt suck, maybe things would be different. I come to this site b/c it interests me in seeing what is happening and if it possibly got any better, which it pretty much hasnt. I’ll admit that its had its few moments of possible hope, but its not unlike the main reason I started limiting my time watching in the first place. Every time there is a chance for something decent-good, they screw it up. I also enjoy the fact that everyone bashes TNA, and currently its for good reason, but WWE is just as bad. I also have a weird sleep schedule and get bored and some of the banter here is entertaining. I can visit whatever website I want, douchebag

        • They are deserving, but according to McMahon, Bryan and Punk don’t sell as many tickets as John Cena…so It’s a safe bet to assume that Cena will be in the main event of WrestleMania again.

    • xXwindsofchangeXx

      Alternatively, if WWE sees a feud with Bryan as a very quick way to elevate the Wyatt Family’s status (even if TWF doesn’t win the eventual payoff match, which I don’t guess they will), doesn’t that prove how much progress he’s made? Bryan’s not where we want him to be (that is, with the WWE championship and full trust from the WWE as the 1-B to Cena’s 1-A and perhaps Cena’s eventual successor), he’s come a long, long way in 3 years.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I gotta give the devil his due… Cena’s been throwing down some pretty decent matches since he came back. Obviously, it’s helped that his opponents have all been very talented, but he’s been much more diverse than usual, both in the ring and on the mic. I wonder, besides the elbow issue and no doubt a host of other injuries we don’t know about, if going a long time without any off time put him into a bit of a rut in terms of his performance. If that’s the case, he certainly seems rejuvenated. Although I must say, now that he’s back, it’s actually really weird that his match is taking place at 10:00 hour instead of closing the show. It’s also weird seeing him come off the top-rope with a cross-body. I’m also really glad they let Goldust get the last move and pinfall win. I marked out a little bit seeing The Final Cut again – and unless I’m sorely mistaken, Cole sounded kind of excited to call it.

    EDIT: If Kane manages to pull this gimmick off, he’ll cement his place in my mind as one of the top 2 or 3 “big men” performers in WWE ALL TIME. Yeah, I said it.

    • JMD

      same here w/ final cut. i honestly couldnt recall seeing it before. not that i have not….just…been a while. that 6 man was better than i think a lot expected it to be. 6 of the better performers in wwe right there

    • Cena has been having some great matches, I agree. I’m telling you, he CAN wrestle. He doesn’t need to be carried.

      Kane is already one of the greatest big men in WWE history. He has been the most consistent superstar over the past 15 years. You never hear any backstage rumors or stories about him. He comes to work, does what he does and that’s about it. He hasn’t had any major injuries (I don’t think) and he is just consistent. A phenomenal and underrated talent.

  • Joey D

    Tyson Kidd finally back…YES!!! Now Christian needs to come back.

    • I think Kidd looked great. Really on point with his moves and some of his kicks were impressive.

  • JH

    I kinda like the idea of a corporate Kane, but was that the best idea they had to debut him in a suit? Hey just go out and throw chairs in the ring then just stand by and do nothing else? That was lame.

    • He could have hit a Choke Slam or something like that, I agree. Unless, they don’t want Kane competing and he is just going to be like a David Otunga, but doesn’t compete.

      • xXwindsofchangeXx

        You eat a steak one bite at a time. It’s more enjoyable that way – not to mention you’re less likely to choke on the sheer volume of it. What I mean by that is I approve of the decision to not let Kane get physically involved. I mean, not to mention that it would have been complete overkill. WWE’s approach gives everyone – ESPECIALLY some of us older fans that remember Kane’s history – time to marinate in the sheer “what the f*ck did I just watch?” factor that came with Kane’s uber-dark, organ-y entrance music being juxtaposed with a guy with a buzzcut and a suit and a whole generation of fans go to sleep with Kane on their minds because, if you’re familiar at all with Kane, that’s the sort of image you can’t unsee.

        In a strange way, this new Kane by default is almost scarier than the old one. Old Kane – masked, unmasked, didn’t matter – lots of fire and chokeslams. Add the demonic aspects of his gimmick – a sort of gimmick that nobody even runs anymore nowadays, just as a testament to how good he is as a performance – and he’s a bit like a comic book supervillain. Granted, that’s probably lighter on the ‘comic’ and heavier on the ‘supervillain.’ But putting him in a suit makes him look less like a fantastic monster, and a little bit more like the type of mobster you could easily run across in real life if you were unlucky enough.

        Never mind his motivations at the moment, and whether The Wyatt Family had a hand in this development – or maybe somehow Stephanie cut a deal with the Wyatt Family giving them free reign to cause havoc as they pleased in exchange for Kane’s freedom. But in Kane’s entire career – and that’s quite a long one – we’ve never seen him reinvent his villain persona like this. And that moment in itself is enough to ruminate on without any chokeslams.

  • Z….

    lol Big Show is getting attacked by 4 guys…Randy Orton is literally standing in front of him. Kane’s music hits, and he turns around, while Orton is right there, and stares at the ramp. How does that make ANY sense?

    I’m also assuming that Orton was eluding to Vince making his return when he told Big Show that “he had no chance in hell” multiple times to end the show. Boredom caused me to turn the channel at the end during a couple of other commercials, and I see this stupidity. Just a reminder of why I stopped watching this a long, long time ago. I wont lie though, Kane in a suit caught me off guard. I for some reason pictured corporate ministry Kane with the mask and wearing that suit lol…Like it was pointed out in this article, Glen Jacobs is actually a really intelligent person, and the suit probably fits him. Just seeing Kane wearing a suit though…mind boggling lol

    • Haha yeah, Orton was kid of waiting for Big Show to turn around, but when he did, he didn’t even attempt an RKO. That was kind of weird.

      Vince better make his return soon, and hopefully he will be face. If not, I’d love to see Shane come back. He has always been one of my favorite characters.

  • Chelsii?

    How newbies like Eva can still be on Raw regularly with 3 months worth of training is distasteful. There are so many other women deserving (and ready) to be on the main roster, send this guppy back to the pond of NXT. She shouldn’t be in the ocean with the big fish.

    • Emma and Paige are two ladies who would thrive in Eva Marie’s position. Eva should drop the wrestling gear and pic up a microphone and try her best to be an interviewer or the next in-ring announcer like Lillian Garcia.

      • Chelsii?

        No, people who are interviewers/announcers should have a certain distinctive tone in their voice. Eva has a tone alright, one that’s moany and bland that makes you wanna headbutt her. Not to mention the whole time we’ve seen her on Total Divas, she comes across as being boring and having no charisma at all..

  • DolphZigglerFan

    When corporate Kane came out, I couldn’t stop laughing!

    • You thought it was funny? I was shocked!

      • DolphZigglerFan

        It was more a mixture of both. I was mainly laughing at how unexpected it was. I too was shocked at the corporate Kane decision though!

  • JMD

    its time for khali to fade away, i agree. its painful, kinda sad to watch him. in the grand scheme, while i understand why promoters have those kinds of matches as filler, theres no harm in cutting them off the card and instead having a match or two go a couple minutes longer each. or something else.

    they can’t seriously think that ryback is going to be in any form of a program with them, do they? if they have anything lined up for the future for ryback, this isn’t it.

    • Yeah, he is just so marketable in India (I’m assuming) and considering he is 7 feet tall, they still keep him around. In 2005, I didn’t mind him. He was different and intimidating and a hell of a lot more mobile than he is now.

      • JMD

        i know that was the initial reason for him being here, getting the title etc–because Vince wanted to exploit the untapped India market, and how many other wrestlers have they tried who were from that region….i’m drawing a blank, but i believe he had a match against eugene at ‘mania the same year Hogan went into the HOF, and then he did a run-in for the save.

  • Mohamed Abdo

    LOL moment for me though for some others may not be it’s when Hornswoggle hit Ryback on the back :) .

    Big E Langston is really awesome and he gets over with the crowd each time , puts on great stuff matches . He is Big Deal Langston .

    The six-man match – without a shadow of a doubt – the best match on Raw for a while .

    Raw was pretty awesome last night with a shocking end .

    • The ending to that six man tag was amazing. There was so much going on. I was telling my friend the other day that WWE has really stepped up their tag team matches and it looks like tag team matches from 1999-2002 with the Hardy’s, Edge and Christian and the Dudley’s. Not so much extreme tag matches, but just a lot going on and actual stories being told in matches. WWE has missed that with tag matches the last couple of years.

  • Joseph Douglas

    Lucky the Wyatts are feuding with Punk and Bryan instead of Cena. At least now they have a chance of looking good and getting a couple of wins along with a future.

    • That’s a good point. Glad Cena is in an entirely different program and isn’t in the WWE Title picture. We’ve seen Cena/Del Rio only a couple of years ago, but oh well. Do you think the Wyatt’s are going to go over? Punk and Bryan are such big names, it’d be kind of a shock if they ended up “winning” the feud.

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