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WWE Royal Rumble 2016: Post Questions

WWE Royal Rumble
Several days ago, the WWE produced another installment of the Royal Rumble. Now that RAW and SmackDown have played out after the pay per view, it’s time to focus on five questions that need answers.

If you missed it, WrestleNewz has Royal Rumble play by play coverage.

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    1) no way. Who else made more sense to win the title? They obviously want to push reigns to the moon. they want reigns in the main event and winning the title at the biggest ppv of the year. Bray getting a match with Brock at mania is big enough for him and Brock doesn’t need the title to be a draw.

    2) I think that AJ did something right considering Vince seems to be a fan of his.

    3) I am not sure how Brock could ever look weak. Even roman never had his way with the Wyatt’s bigs the way he did. Braun single handedly eliminated Kane and big show with ease, so the fact that it took 4 very big men to cheat him out of the win seems like he is still being protected. What to me would make a lot of sense would be for bray to beat him at mania. There’s no bigger way to put someone over then have them pin a dude who hasn’t suffered a pin fall in a long long time.

    4) although the I understand asking this question, I actually think it puts both over the way it should. Both men are considered to be tough guys, “prized fighter” KO and they always say Ambrose is crazy. The rumble was for the biggest title in the entire world. It makes sense that they were in it as they are big name. And it’s not like Owens no sold his beat down. Maybe Ambrose should not of been the last person eliminated though.

    5) I think that it’d be smart to have the US title defended every single raw and have it go from person to person quite often. We don’t have enough title changes on TV and one title almost getting the 90’s TV title treatment would be solid. Personally I think it’d be cool to see a social outcast with the title or even Neville.

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