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WWE Telgraphing Fastlane Main Event?

Over the past couple weeks, as WWE has been building us up toward the Fastlane Main Event, the Triple Threat Match featuring Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, we’ve been seeing all three men interact, but two in particular. And a thought hit me the other night, as I was brainstorming some writing ideas.

Is WWE-specifically, Creative-telegraphing how things will unfold in the main event? Because unless you’ve missed it, while Roman Reigns has been involved, the two men who seem to really be selling the match are Ambrose and Lesnar. Between Brock’s repeated destruction of Ambrose, and Dean’s seeming desire to commit suicide by F5, those two are front and center. In fact, if you didn’t know that there was actually a Triple Threat Match at Fastlane, you might actually begin to think that those two were due to lock horns in an epic, one on one clash.

So, I wonder to myself, why is that?

On one hand, I am trying to convince myself that, for the short term, WWE is Hell-bent on making fans see either Lesnar or Ambrose as credible winners at Fastlane. So many people, for so long, have been expecting and predicting a Roman Reigns-HHH main event at WrestleMania that Creative may be getting strict orders to do whatever is necessary to make us at least doubt that that is actually what is going to happen. And as of now? They’ve done a good job of it. Like I said, at times it’s almost possible to forget that Reigns is involved in the match. It’s been Ambrose, after all, who has been calling out Lesnar, mocking him and saying the F5 wasn’t all that impressive-after having already received a couple!

On another hand, maybe either man really is a credible threat to become the number one contender. I don’t know that Ambrose would land in the main event of WrestleMania just yet, but we already know that Lesnar can do it, since he’s done it before. And if WWE is actually keeping an open mind in this regard? Well, that’s a good thing.

But, in the end, I do expect we will still end up with a Roman Reigns victory, making him the number one contender and giving us the main event many have expected, but not near as many actually seem to want.

But there may still be hope. If anyone in Stamford has been paying attention, perhaps they have noticed that Ambrose and Lesnar have made things interesting. And it’s not such a crazy thought to imagine these two going at it. On a big stage. In a very physical, very violent match (ladder match? Cage match? 3 stages of Hell?). As my colleague Dorathy Gass has said, perhaps these two should work a singles match at WrestleMania.

Because, I think, at the end of Fastlane, even if Roman walks away the winner, the match will work because it had Ambrose working with Lesnar in it. And maybe things aren’t being telegraphed, but it’s hard to argue that the spotlight for the main event, has shone brightly on two men, none of whom have the initials RR.

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  • MEH

    It would be good to have Ambrose win on Sunday, Roman gets p’d and challenges Taker as his chance has gone so what’s the next big thing? Brock vs Bray set up.

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