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Why WWE Won’t Miss Daniel Bryan

Stop screaming at me, hear me out.

WWE (the company, not the Universe) won’t miss Daniel Bryan. I mean this, in the sense that he’s already been gone. When he handed over the Intercontinental Championship, especially following his last title reign ending due to injury? WWE moved on from Daniel Bryan. I am sure the door was left open for his potential return-which, sadly, never came to pass. But from that point on, creatively and from a booking sense, WWE in my mind moved forward as though there was no Daniel Bryan to count on.

Because, let’s be blunt. There wasn’t. Bryan was, like it or not, damaged good at that point. I think most of the writers here, myself included, openly wondered if Daniel would ever sniff a singles championship again, upon return to the ring, due to his durability. And, when you run a business like WWE, you have to move on quickly. It’s the reality of things. You don’t get to dwell on things, and WWE in this case, did not.

Don’t get me wrong, the company, the people and the shows will miss Bryan. He is and was a unique talent. The kind that don’t come along every day. These are not guys you usually easily replace, or have a lot of at any given time. Sure, there are a good number of strong Superstars, but few become those transcendent, generation defining guys. Daniel Bryan was one of those.

So, yes, I realize you all probably think I am nuts, saying what I just said, when you compare it to the headline.

But again, I repeat. It’s not that the people won’t miss him. It’s that WWE as a continually moving business won’t. Because, in that mindset, they would have done the farewell for Daniel Bryan last Summer, basically at the same time he handed over his Intercontinental title. The fans, the wrestlers, we never moved on, or rather, we didn’t start to move on until Monday. Sure, some of us were resigned to him likely never wrestling again, but until it’s officially official, most of us held out some hope for a return. We were allowed to be sentimental, to be emotional.

But WWE, as a business entity, as the saying goes, will always do what is best for business. And last year, it was best for business to forget about Daniel Bryan and move on. And let’s be honest. While we may have missed Daniel, has the Intercontinental Title picture suffered in his absence? Dare I say it has not? Starting with a really good Elimination Chamber match, which saw Ryback earn his first singles title, up through current champion Dean Ambrose, and his feud with former champion Kevin Owens, the title has had a good last 10 months of matches, all things considered. Of course, having Bryan in the mix would have made it better, but we’ve gotten some excellent matches in any case.

In the grand scheme of things, I hope we don’t miss Daniel Bryan because WWE finds a way to keep him involved-and that he wants to stay involved, if only sporadically throughout the year. That may be the best move forward, so no one-not even WWE as a business-has to worry about missing him yet. Because then, he won’t really be all the way out of the public eye.

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  • Bite Me You Loser

    C.M. Punk said it best during his pipebomb promo years back. That they’re all cogs in the Machine. Stone Cold,HBK,Edge,Christian A.J.Lee among others retired and while the fans screamed for them to return. They knew it wasn’t going to happen.

    • Conor Condon

      punk said he was a spoke on the wheel

      • Bite Me You Loser

        Santa stands corrected. But similar ideals. The show must go on.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    The best way for them to not miss Daniel Bryan is to go with what the paying customers are saying. Not taking anything at all away from Bryan as a talent – but he was unique not so much because of himself, but because of the politics of the WWE being rigged to keep him from doing exactly what he did. The ‘system’ that ultimately kept Bryan down for so long is ironically the very thing that made him a megastar. He became one of this decade’s top superstars not despite his lack of prototype size and ‘look’ but because of it. Being smaller than normal with a non-corporate appearance made for a ‘big money vs. little guy’ story that wrote itself. Creative only had to nudge things every once in a while, and in doing so, found a formula for success that, because of Vince’s unfortunate need to micromanage everything, they haven’t been able to repeat.

  • jcice13

    he won’t be missed in the sense that the company will take a bit of a downward turn they’ll have others and already do to take that spot..but when he’s thought of? and his performances? that’s where he’ll be missed because you won’t be able to see it again, only videos

  • PlanoStu

    Let him try being a ringside commentator

    • Joseph Lisnow

      maybe for PPVs or special shows. I think every week is too much.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Vince be like…

    • Someguy


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