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WWE’s Best Matches of The Week (Sept. 23-Sept. 29)

Wrestling fans were treated to a couple of fantastic matches last week, which were seen on Raw, SmackDown, Main Event, NXT and Superstars. Familiar faces who have dominated this feature exceled once again, as we count down the best matches from these weekly programs.

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  • puckdinah1

    Daniel Bryan will always be at the top spot of this feature. He’s the best wrestler in the company.

  • TomClarke01

    Del Rio/Kingston was the best match of the week

  • KevOmac23

    Fans can’t get enough of santinos gimmick? Um maybe the 5 year olds, on smackdown when they were ‘snake charming’ it was one of the most ridiculous pathetic things I’ve seen, but trust me I feel like all of us have had more than enough of santinos gimmick

  • KevOmac23

    I had a couple of my buddies over that don’t really watch wrestling and I was literally embarrassed when they were saying ‘ u watch this s*it? It’s kinda childish’ and they were right

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