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Y2J’s Heel Turn Ignites Program

The recent teaming of Chris Jericho and AJ Styles helped heat up WWE’s tag team division a smidge, but there is nothing like a friend turning on a friend to help re-ignite a program. Y2J’s heel turn on the March 7th edition of Monday Night RAW wasn’t exactly a shocker; although I’m wondering if the team’s t-shirts will now become collectors’ items considering how long Y2AJ actually existed.

I liked watching their short-lived collaboration, and wondered where it was going. At one point, a feud did seem inevitable, but you just never know where WWE is going to swing things at the end of the day (I could use Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose as a good example of teasing the audience, and then holding back).

The three matches Y2J and Styles engaged in were absolutely terrific, but where can they go from there?

Adding a little more of a personal touch, a betrayal, will only help to enhance this program. Initially, while the matches they had were solid, the storyline between Styles and Jericho was a weak one, but for a good reason; Styles had his 2016 Royal Rumble debut, and he was simply getting his feet wet with a less-intense angle. Rookie (well, perhaps newcomer is a better term) versus the WWE veteran. However, add some trust issues in the feud now, and it intensifies.

With Roadblock so close to Jericho’s RAW heel turn, this really only means one thing: this feud will be settled at Wrestlemania 32. Which has to be exciting news for both superstars: they both get a spot on the card (probably a bit more of an exciting notion for Styles, since it will be his first WM), and they both have the chance to create a WM moment.

But can they do so, considering the matches they have had in the past? I think so. Working together on the same team may just have enhanced one-on-one in-ring competition when working against each other. The fact that there is a personal touch to the program, Y2J’s heel status can enable him to do more, and help elevate Styles more as a babyface, and potentially borderline hero.

While I was excited at the idea that Styles may dive into a feud with Kevin Owens, post-Fastlane; when he began teaming up with Jericho, I knew that idea was scrapped. Still, there is plenty of time for an Owens versus Styles feud, and that really could be saved for next year, or even SummerSlam. For now, with this newly re-established program, I’m just happy that we will be seeing Styles grace Wrestlemania with his presence. I’ve said it before, I’m a fan, and every time his music hits, I perk up, and look forward to what’s to come. Jericho has always been a favorite of mine as well, and when he’s placed on the card, you know you’ll get a solid and entertaining match.

No doubt in the coming the weeks, Styles and Jericho will work hard on crafting a compelling storyline moving into the flagship event. The real question is can they elevate the excitement factor in a Wrestlemania match, seeing that they just put a program to rest at Fastlane?

I’m betting they can.

WNZ fans … what are your thoughts? Think Y2J’s heel turn has intensified things between these two, or perhaps it is simply more of the same. Please leave your comments below!

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  • Si Nicholls

    I would think this will be the 5* bout of the night at Mania

  • jcice13

    how you can say the turn wasn’t a shocker is either nothing really shocks you or that you figure the WWE will do things that make no sense and just throw stuff against the wall..for the reason to be that Jericho was pissed that the fans were yelling AJ AJ? is weak..because if you go back there were tons of Y2J chants as well.and to make a turn that quickly? it was just too damn soon they should have saved it for at least mania…..way too microwave, definitely not crock pot.as for it intensifying the situation? not really, it just made one of them a heel and we’ll get more of the same because we just saw 3 fine matches between them, nothing will change in that scheme of things..now as I said before here, IF they have someone help Jericho beat down AJ and then AJ can say he’s getting an old friend to help him and that guy could be from the bullet club? then that’s okay, they take care of the jericho team then go after the belts

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