Hot New Pic of Eve Torres in Her Bra & Panties

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  • Rob

    My crush in that position would be awesome hot.

  • FacePuncher

    Is she wearing granny pants?

  • justin

    @FacePuncher yes she is wearing granny pants

  • DerekLinc

    Bad choice of underwear. Thong is >

  • GunShark

    It’s a retro look. The rollers, the granny panties, and the granny bra. And she still looks hot. Don’t despair, fellas. It’s undergarments. They come off. *cue cheesy porno music* Aww, yeah.

  • Alejandro

    Eve looks cute in those granny panties ;)

  • avnav pujara

    Thats not a fucking panties you bitch! the guy who runs this site sucks balls! someone has to replace that bitch!


    Rener Gracie is going BALLZ DEEEEEEP!!!!!

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