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Listen to the 2nd WrestleMania 28 Song – Wild Ones by Flo Rida

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  • Bad News Bro

    Like it or hate it, at least the lyrics to “Invincible” are about triumph and seizing your moment.

    This, though, just has no place. The song’s just about partying and getting fucked up, and then falling love with a girl that makes you change your ways. That’s not really WrestleMania, unless there’s some sort of homoerotic undertone between The Rock and Cena that I’ve been missing.

  • Mikey

    @Bad News Bro: Maybe it just represents the city they are in, Miami. I’m not a fan of recent Wrestlemania theme songs. The last one I loved was Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Snow.” Just the title alone fit in an oxymoronic way, since it was used for Wrestlemania 24 in Orlando.

  • Some guy

    @Mikey: Really? I thought “Written In The Stars” was pretty damn good last year. “Invincible” isn’t bad, either, although it kind of feels like they tried to bottle the vibe from last year’s song a second time.

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