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New Photo of Jeff Hardy, His Daughter and Shane Helms

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  • Ryuho121

    actually looks really good hope he's clean but still wish he would go to rehab so he can stay clean hopefully get back in time for a fued with Punk

    • Pete Ballack

      Get back in time for a feud with Punk?

      You know that Hardy works for TNA, right? He is under a TNA contract.

      And the chances of CM Punk going to TNA are very slim. Punk was one of the wrestlers who boycotted TNA even in their early days. I especially doubt that he'd want to go back to them now, especially with how horribly the company is now.

      • Ryuho121

        i know where everyone works yes i am just hoping punk goes to TNA cuz hey maybe he was told to shoot TNA

        • Mike

          Not happening. He hated TNA when he was there the first time and things are worse now.

  • Bob

    Spray tan is a helluva’ drug.

  • Chelsii.

    Ryu, WHY would the 9th longest reigning WWE champion, Best in the World, making 6 digits a year go to an Indie making $5 a year piece of shit company like TNA? Roflmao.

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